AGM Statement

Due to Club Chairman Bill Kenwright being unwell the meeting was held with only one Director present, who chaired. This is the biggest contribution Jon Woods has made during his tenure at Everton.

Robert Earl, self proclaimed owner of Everton, second biggest shareholder and Director, again sent his apologies.

He was probably to busy choosing what to have on his Earl of Sandwich butty at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, sunning himself at Parrot Cay on the Turks and Caicos, or enjoying a day on Philip Green’s yacht in Monaco.

So up stepped Robert Elstone, the CEO, apparently on a Director’s salary, to predictably weave his way through a presentation proclaiming everything to be “great.”

What disappointed us, as I’m sure many others, is the point blank refusal of Elstone to answer perfectly legitimate questions posed by Shareholders.

What was also disappointing was the many attempts to control the questions from the floor, to the last question being called numerous times and with Walton Hall Park attempted to be swerved and passing the blame on to Liverpool City Council.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, blew Elstone’s claims right out of the water via Twitter and in a statement the next day, proving that Elstone is as devious as we always knew he was.

It seemed the only questions which made Elstone smile were the first few. Were they scripted? Who knows. Clearly, as questions got close to the bone, the smile was wiped and Elstone looked increasingly uneasy. That, and the point blank refusal to answer perfectly good questions, labelling them a disgrace and disrespectful.

Why not answer a legitimate question on Philip Green? Yet choose to answer a perfectly reasonable question concerning the creation of a supporters trust?

At a time when we are asking the council to be our friend and not our enemy, not for the first time Robert Elstone’s ego got the better of him as he foolishly decided to take on Liverpool City Council. The very people who bailed us out of losing our training ground and academy at Finch Farm.

People say we have an agenda. We do, to be rid of this awful board, and this Chief Executive who says everything is great when it isn’t.

Avoiding some questions whilst answering others, hand picked and scripted, constantly telling lies, attacking the Council and embarrassing himself in front of shareholders and supporters? It looks like we are not the only ones with an agenda here.

It is time for Robert Elstone to consider his position at Everton Football Club.

Thank You for your continued support .

Everton Board Out

By @EvertonBoardOut