Watch This Space: An Ode To Blue Bill

Watch This Space: An Ode To Blue Bill

Watch This Space: An Ode To Blue Bill

By Robert Daniels


I’ve been an Evertonian all my life.

Seen them become champions of England 3 times, FA Cup winners 3 times.

I have seen them lose the FA cup Final 5 times, seen them in 4 League Cup finals, losing both.

Seen them win the European Cup Winners Cup and countless semi finals and charity shield’s.

Seen us break the transfer record time after time.

I remember us having a stadium the envy of the world.

I’ve seen us at deaths door versus Wimbledon.


I’ve seen Alan Ball,


I was 15 at Hillsborough for the first ’77 cup final replay with 50,000 others.

When he-who-walked-on-water scored to take it to another replay. And came home without my shoes.

Everton has been a constant in my life forever, I hope it always will be.

But has it gone? Never to return, how sad that would be.


When Bill Kenwright refused to give up control to Paul Gregg, who was backed by the Billionaire and Evertonian Granchester.

The two things he claims he’s been searching for, 24/7 for 15 years.

We lost the Kings Dock, and with it our place amongst the elite.

That day should haunt Kenwright ’till the day he dies, as it does me.

Ego took precedence that day with Bill,

over the club he claims to love.

Make no mistake, Bill Kenwright loves Bill Kenwright.

And we have been in decline ever since.


The worst of this is we are now out of control, WHO OWNS EVERTON?

Bill says he does? Earl says he does? Woods says fuck all.

Green plays Roulette.

But the real issue is where do we go from here?

Bill is putting all his eggs in one basket AGAIN. The mythical new stadium come utopia bollocks.

Even that wont save us.

DK was supposed to give us £6million a season increase? £6 Million! What difference will that make? Absolutely none.

Arsenal, City, Chelsea, Utd. All go out and spend £40 million when they replace a player. We are still dealing in loans.


Had a heated argument 18 months ago with a real fan, who loved Moyes, I hated him, but we had the debate.

We met again 3 nights ago and he pointed out that whoever is manager it wont make a difference. Our peers are so far ahead we will never catch them.

My heart sunk as the realisation of what he was saying landed. We are dead.

Unless there is another Roman or oil rich sheik out there, and the real owners of Everton tell Bill he can sell us,
We are trapped in eternal has been land!

We might flirt with our peers. We may beat them every now and then. Maybe even get to a final,
But we will never make that step back because it’s too big a divide.


One mans Ego has lowered Evertonians perception of their club.
To the point where we argue amongst ourselves about accepting second best.

And destroyed our chances of ever increasing on our 9 League titles.
Shattered dreams and broken hearts.

Stand up Bill Kenwright the worst Evertonian of all time.

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