UEFA: Get Some Balls

UEFA need some balls: If UEFA are going to pursue their aim of Financial Fair Play, then they at least have to follow it through

UEFA: Get Some Balls

By @BullensView


Right, I’m having a rant… First thoughts? UEFA need some balls.

Two massive decisions have taken place this season which have led me to believe that the ‘big clubs’ are untouchable (you’ll see shortly why I have noted the ‘big clubs’ with irony).

The most recent and up-to-date decision relates to Manchester City (see!) being given the chance to compete in Europe, despite breaking the financial fair play regulations.

True, they have received a £50m fine (to be paid over three years) and are now only allowed to use 22 players (whoop-de-doo) in next year’s competition, but what would hurt them more?

The fine is useless – I’m not sure if UEFA know but their owner is wealthy enough to use £50 notes as loo roll – and the limited players will hardly affect their ambitions in the competition.

As opposed to the financial fair play regulations as I am – they maintain the status-quo by not allowing clubs to break the monopoly – if they are going to pursue this aim, then at least follow it through – the threat was to remove the lure of European football….

And they bottled it.

Liverpool, also, have taken the piss out of the authorities this season. It had come to light that although Luis Suarez wished to leave, and a clause in his contract was met, allowing him to talk to the club in question (Arsenal), owner John Henry admitted that they refused to allow him contact.

I’m sorry – do the rules not apply here?



The big clubs frankly don’t give a shit, and walk all over the footballing authorities who are scared of them. For more evidence, please see Barcelona.

If you want respect, then enforce what you say you will. In my job I’d have the piss taken out of me if I failed to follow through the sanctions I set – UEFA and the FA are finding that and doing nothing about it.

Get some balls….


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