Twenty Is Plenty Of Years Without A Trophy For An Elite Club

‘We ARE part of the elite’ exclaimed Robert Elstone in a pique of arrogance and disdain towards the Blue Union during the EGM of 2013…..

Twenty Is Plenty Of Years Without A Trophy For An Elite Club

Twenty Is Plenty Of Years Without A Trophy For An Elite Club

By @davidokeefe

This was followed by ‘it’s been a good 48 hours’ for the club. Elstone was referring to the chairman’s Hillsborough memorial speech and the draw with Arsenal at the emirates.

He convinced no-one. Not even the chairman’s sycophants in the audience accepted that a draw with Arsenal constituted being part of the elite.

In truth, even I thought that montage was disrespectful to Bill Kenwright. As his inspiring speech at the Hillsborough memorial at Anfield was compared to a draw with Arsenal.

Elstone’s arrogance and aggression towards the Blue Union and anyone concerned about the club’s stagnation that day was appalling to witness, and left many of those attending cowed into further submission, lest the board decided to ban AGM’s again.

If a draw with Arsenal is an example of the club competing with the elite, does that make Everton an elite club? The answer is no.

Now for the truth. Today is the 20th anniversary of the FA cup win over Manchester United. The last time the club competed with the elite and won! Elite teams beat other elite teams to win trophies.

As for Elstone’s arrogant claims of competing with the elite, they are complete and utter rot of the highest order.

That no-one pulled him up on that in 2013 is understandable, today he can have no complaints about those words being thrown back in his face.

That anyone can accept that a draw with Arsenal away from home is competing with the elite is astonishing, but modern day Everton do not compete with the elite.

“We’re not going to win the title but we’ve regularly been punching above our weight.
I reckon that Everton have got the 12th biggest wage bill in the Premier League so to finish 10th, ninth or eighth and turn over a big team at Goodison Park every once in a while is success.” Joe Beardwood, 10th May 2015 Liverpool Echo.

Draw with the elite or turn over a big team at Goodison?

The biggest crime of the Kenwright years is the complete lack of ambition, and that supporters have internalised and accepted Elstone’s and Beardwood’s ideas of success.

They are also Bill Kenwright’s ideas of success for one good reason, he is not an elite chairman of an elite board with an elite CEO with elite ambitions.

Remember, ‘we are part of the elite’ but that means something different at Everton. It doesn’t mean competing and winning trophies or the even the expectation of winning and competing for trophies.

Modern day Everton punches above its weight and celebrates its failure to win a trophy for twenty years with a lock-in at Goodison.

If today’s 20th anniversary means anything it should serve as a reminder of Everton’s last day as an elite club and spur us all on to make it part of that elite again.

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