Tonight Matthew I’m going to be…..

Enough of this #Martinezout nonsense that has been trending on Twitter and the general doom and gloom from social media kneejerkers.

@davidokeefe morphs into a former Everton captain and points the finger… from his shoe shop.


Tonight Matthew I'm going to be.....

Tonight Matthew I’m going to be…..

Phillip Neville….. and I will be pointing fingers as I tuck into a Kit Kat Chunky and issue my rallying cry.

Listen here you social media kneejerkers, c#nts and assholes – you’re doing the team and the club no favours.

Remember, you started booing when the team was winning a match 3-1, so don’t complain about this poor run of form.

Boo when they’re winning, boo when they’re losing, they can’t win with you lot.

Try being like Martinez, buy a pair of brown shoes from Jenny’s shop and be positive you moaning assholes.

I mean we all love a moan, but how about moaning after the game not during?

How about getting your knees under control on social media before your joints wear out?

This team played with no confidence against Stoke City and yet once the fear of losing disappeared – by going a goal down – they played with more confidence, vim and vigour. Until the inevitable mistake on the break as they chased an equaliser finished them off.

Confidence matters in all walks of life. Do you think Jenny’s customers boo the staff on zero-hour contracts for bringing out the wrong brown shoe? Or for getting the wrong size?

OK, I may point my finger at them too, but I encourage them to do better even as I struggle to operate the till.

If Ross Barkley worked in my shop he would be developed and given a 16 hour minimum wage contract and be trained up to be a top, top shoe shop assistant.

I would give the lad time to develop and OK, he’s going to make a few mistakes, but that’s how you become a top, top shop assistant.

At the moment Jenny’s Online Shoe Shop is struggling. Internet customers are being overly demanding and critical. I would kneecap ’em with a reducer, but they already have problems these kneejerkers.

And it’s affecting my staffs performance.

So, my solution is to get behind the players and manager and stop being so quick to criticise them. Footballers and shop assistants require support if they’re to perform to the best of their ability.

Everton played poorly until Stoke City scored, they played better having lost the fear of losing and that’s the problem – along with Tim Howard – they need to lose the fear and have their confidence restored.

Roberto is trying his best, but you lot aren’t helping and I’m a Manc not a real Evertonian.

Some people want Martinez out, but only assholes and David Moyes would say that. Don’t tell anyone I’m defending the Spaniard as I could be working with Jenny in the shop for the rest of my life.

I must say though, in previous relegation scraps under Kendall, Smith and Moyes the fans rallied to the cause, stayed positive and believed in the team.

Now a 3-1 win over QPR pisses you off….. What the fuck is wrong with you?

I’m backing Martinez – as should all real Evertonians – to get the confidence back and sales of brown shoes booming again in my Liverpool shoe shop….

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Follow @davidokeefe on Twitter

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