Stand Up If You’ve Had Enough

After listening to fans’ growing concerns about the running of Everton Football Club, the Blue Union recently announced there will be a public meeting at 1 pm next Saturday, July 11, at the Casa on Hope Street.

Stand Up If You've Had Enough

Stand Up If You’ve Had Enough

By @Markthablue

Before I start, I’m writing this purely off my own back, not on behalf of anyone but myself, but I truly believe now is the time Evertonians – if you have had enough of this board – to stand up and show it.

Whether you like the Blue Union or not the fact of the matter is they are standing up when nobody else is. It is, quite simply, the message we need to get behind not the personalities.

To me personally the Blue Union guys have always been great; friendly, dedicated Evertonians whose message around opposing stagnation has always hit home with me.

Some people think differently of course, in this case I would ask that you come the meeting and if you’re not happy about some things then come along and say so. Hopefully we can all move on and unite against the worst board in our entire history. Not said through bias but through the actions of our current owners.

After 16 years of no investment, three failed stadium moves along with proven lies such as the Kirkby Con and absolutely nothing done to improve Goodison Park, at what point do we as fans say enough is enough?

Goodison Park, the home of Everton Football Club
Goodison Park, once one of the finest stadiums in the country.

This is not like the NTL Deal has just fallen through and supporters knee jerked, there’s been almost as many failures as years we’ve had to suffer under a board that has demonstrated an annoying penchant for failure.

I could write a book on the amount of lies that have come out of our boardroom, they’re all well documented, and if you follow me on twitter, then they are there in bright neon lights.

The money for the unforgivable Kings Dock mess up was “Ringfenced” – according to Bill Kenwright – and while this has been said a 1000 times before, for me it sits at number one of all the lies because to this day it continues to bite us on the arse.

This was the lie that turned me against our owners, and nothing I’ve seen since has made me change my mind. In fact, it’s strengthened my desire to see our club rid itself of these incompetent clowns.

Their soundtrack of failure has been playing on a loop for over 16 years. It genuinely does make me wonder, given the gravity of their failures, how they retain any support from the Goodison faithful.

When I look back at the likes of NTL, the Fortress Sports Fund debacle, Kings Dock, The Kirkby disaster, Everton Place, the badge fiasco, to name but a few, it sounds like I’m describing a Masterchef dish, all submerged in no fresh investment on a bed of commercial ineptitude.

It continues to amaze me how many fans just accept our lot.

Everyone’s different but don’t we all want a successful Everton FC? Something that’s patently not going to happen under a board whose only plan is to live hand to mouth on TV money. We deserve better than this don’t we?

We are constantly warned to be careful what we wish for but who on earth wished for a board who have patently failed to move us one inch forward as a football club in 16 years.

We can no longer use this as an excuse to protect our current owners.

I want a winning Everton again, something that may be gone forever in this one-sided Premier League, but at the very least I’d feel better if we had a board who had a plan to progress us.

Stand Up If You've Had Enough

Supporters can put pressure on the board, 16 years of failure is more than enough. If Everton is for sale, the chairman and board should be pressured into making Everton a viable proposition for potential buyers. I can’t possibly imagine someone wanting to pay £150m – £200m simply to do worse than the current board.

This board has asset stripped us down to the pie and a pint deals in the Gwladys, we’re restricted to two shops on the entire planet to sell our shirts and merchandise. You can say online shopping makes this irrelevant but we have no presence on the high street, this can’t be a good thing.

We have failed to capitalise on the likes of Tim Howard and Tim Cahill being national icons for two huge countries in America and Australia, because our deal with Kitbag doesn’t allow us too. It’s got to be one of the only retail deals that restricts the potential for its product. Aren’t they meant to enhance it?

Robert Elstone, reportedly on £300k+ a year, has shown he is out of his depth at this level and if this board had any ambition, they would start by firing a CEO who runs us like a school tuck shop

Despite having an option to pull out, our sun-tanned guy, maybe showing the effects of over exposure to UV rays, opted to stay with Kitbag for another four years. Do we really want people like this running our football club?

Ineptitude right across the board has held us back for long enough.

My message is predictable but I believe in it, so I will repeat it again. The time for simply moaning about this board is over. It’s time for action.

Nobody is standing up except the Blue Union and if they are providing a forum for us to get across our ideas and frustrations, or counter arguments for the board, then I’d encourage fans to attend the public meeting at the Casa next Saturday.

I will be there to support any movement to put pressure on this board, to raise awareness of what’s truly going on at Goodison Park. The dark and murky world of the Everton boardroom needs the curtains opening. Now is the time.

Trophy drought. 20 years is plenty.

I’ve moaned that many times on Twitter, probably 90% of my tweets are aimed at the board, but the meeting provides a chance to say, yes I moaned but I also did something about it. So let’s leave all the online angst aside and turn it into something real this coming weekend.

It’s not about looking like kopites protesting, it’s about looking after our club, wanting the best for it, like we would any loved one. This board clearly aren’t doing their best for our club. My own view is that they have a gun to our clubs head, wanting a monumental return to walk away with after years of no investment. This is what is holding us back for me.

The board is essentially playing god with us. In the continued absence of any sustained local media pressure, it’s down to us to do something about it.

So put your laptops/mobiles down and do something tangible next weekend. Come down to the Casa and, at the very least, see what it’s about.

I’m not in with the Blue Union. I’m a supporter. I’m not here to do any bidding on their part, I just believe it’s incredibly important that Evertonians who feel the same way I do start to show it. Next weekends meeting provides a platform for that.

Everton did used to win things, we were successful. I am tired of watching others lift trophies and it’s time to want more. Something we are patently not going to achieve under this regime.

Clubs are moving past us and whenever there is talk of new stadiums, investment and takeovers, it’s never us. We’ve become the ugly ducking to potential suitors. We’re stuck wandering into nothingness.

West Brom’ are the latest to attract considerable interest and they’re looking for £150m plus if reports are to be believed.

So if West Brom, at that price, can attract interest, just what the hell is going on at Everton? The fourth most successful club in England now finds itself checking its armpits at a nightclub.

And this despite us being for sale from the moment Kenwright had taken his coat off.

So what is stopping potential investors? Do you honestly believe we haven’t had any interest in 16 years?

The Blue Union want a return to the glory days like we all do. While I realise this may be difficult for some people, if you do want something done about this board then this is the only vehicle to get on.

Let’s not make this about personalities or individuals, as long as we all have one goal we can unite behind it and start standing up for our club. A club that has been badly shortchanged for long enough.

If you have had enough of the board, now’s the time to act.

I am looking forward to the meeting next Saturday and seeing other blues perspectives and ideas. Ultimately I believe the number of blues unhappy with the board is growing. The 20 year trophy anniversary providing a stark remainder of how long we’ve gone without success.

I don’t want this to turn into 30 years.

We need a board that passionately wants the best for our football club, a board with a plan to move our great club forward and be competitive in an increasingly tough Premier League.

We have been competitive in the past but the lack of investment has held us back from smashing the glass ceiling.

Waiting for the TV cheque to cash is not a strategy that’s going help us progress to where we want to be anytime soon.

It’s going to be a long road, there will be differences of opinion but the time to make a noise and rock a few boats is now. Our great club deserves better than what the current owners can offer.

For me it starts Saturday, the time to fight for our club has come. Let’s show the courage of our convictions and unite.

Everton Football Club needs rescuing from this board. It’s time to show them we’re not prepared to accept mediocrity and stagnation anymore.

I hope to see you Saturday.

Sin Miedo

Mark Ellis

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