Social Media Angst As Window Tests Patience

We’re halfway through the transfer window and its fair to say, judging by interactions with Evertonians on Twitter – not all admittedly – squeaky bum time has arrived in place of excitement in the most critical of Everton transfer windows.


Social media angst


Social Media Angst As Window Tests Patience – By @Markthablue

The message remains simple: The board have to back Roberto this summer. Hope remains that this will be the case but time, albeit slowly, is ticking, and a desperate lack of activity is doing nothing for Evertonians rapidly receding hair lines.

At this point I would have hoped to have been writing about a few signings but with the arrival of Gareth Barry the only business as we enter mid July, it’s fair to say the natives are getting restless. And I put myself right in amongst the people not winning the war with patience this summer.

Muhammed Besic has been signing for what seems like forever, a delay believed to be due to a payment issue between his current club Ferencvaros and Hamburg. I’m not so blind to blame this delay on Bill Kenwright.

Things such as this is classic Everton, nothing ever gets done quickly. The excitement over Besic has now turned into a running joke between fans. It’s like opening your Christmas presents on New years eve.

We just suck the life out of these transfers before they come to fruition. If they come to fruition, I’m questioning why we haven’t moved for Roberto’s other targets, he surely wants them in and integrated as soon as possible.

Let’s hope this happens as we need to be as ready as we possibly can be by the time Leicester away hits in 30 days time.

Exasperation amongst the fans is growing. I know this looks pathetic to other fans happy to bide their time and reserve judgement until September and I wish I could be like that, but this board will never be my cup of tea.

Their failures in the past walks into a room a mile before them and as fans we’ve seen it all before. It’s why there is currently little faith. I hope my words are rammed back down by throat and I’m more than happy to be fickle over this.

The safety net is Roberto. For all my rants the presence of our Catalan genius and his calming re-assurances could render this article as knee jerk and we could add 4-5 players quickly.

We truly have a special manager who would have me confident if we had signed no-one prior to Leicester but that is not the issue. The club has the money, we just want to see ambition, and frankly we expect it this summer.

I get that all this hysteria from blues seems desperate but I don’t believe it for a minute, it’s merely passion spilling over. A desire to see last seasons progress carried on during the summer. So far its more of a cure for insomnia than a sign of intent.

Fans know we are on the verge of something special, we know there’s money, there is virtually nowhere to hide for the board this summer.

The eagerness to see the squad bolstered early for me, comes from last season. With Barry, McCarthy and Lukaku signed after we had drawn our first three games, who knows how our season would have ended if we’d had them players to start with. We simply have to be busy now.


Gareth Barry and Roberto Martinez

To add some perspective, there is a lot of time left in the window and we can still end up stronger than we finished last season. However, with the World Cup fading fast from memory and the season opener at Leicester now looming large, anxiety and heated debates are becoming the daily diet on Twitter.

With the club currently saying next to nothing the fans are left to speculate about whats going on, are our targets still on holiday from the world cup? Is kenwright holding off signing players to save on wages? Through all this conjecture one thing is clear, the fans are expectant of an ambitious window rather than hopeful. We all know the money is there.

The intensity and passion with which Evertonians support the club has led to daily meltdowns on Twitter. I must admit it’s so hard not to get sucked in. Every day I start with the promise that I’m going to be 100% positive, all it takes is one suggestion that the board are holding us back and I’m right there shouting my mouth off.

I’m more than happy to look like the worlds biggest irrational knee jerker should we add to the squad, but right at this current moment the apparent lack of squad depth is starting to grate.

Admittedly all of this seems ridiculous with Roberto saying: “The right characters need to come to the club, it’s going to take until the last day of the window to finalise the squad. It’s a world cup year and things will get delayed. Certain situations will be worth us waiting until the last second to see if they will happen or not and that is something we are well in control off.”

Straight from the horses mouth… why the fume? Simple for me, I’d trust Roberto with my life and he has my complete faith but the board do not.

It’s time for Bill and his mates to earn that trust and I will be more than happy to give if we get it right before Leicester.

If we sign 3 players tomorrow this article will look ridiculous. I sincerely hope that is the case. None of us can live in the future and hopefully the current state of exasperation slowly turning into frustration, can be forgotten in a sea of optimism with Martinez having landed his targets.

I hope the passion shown on Twitter in the last few weeks is matched with the same ferocity in the boardroom with everyone doing all they can to turn Martinez’s great side into a memorable one.

Sin Miedo

Mark Ellis


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