Silent Blues Must Find Their Voice

With the season fast approaching it seems our club has dozed off right when we need to be at our most vibrant.

Silent Blues Must Find Their Voice

Silent Blues Must Find Their Voice

By @markthablue

Everton appear rudderless, there is very little going on. I would have thought, given the disaster that was last pre-season, it would have been a far more proactive summer. We have brought in Tom Cleverley and Gerard Deulofeu and this certainly improves us on last season.

But the need for cover in key positions remains startlingly obvious.

We’re an injury or two away in central defence, or attack, from becoming severely depleted. Our squad looking more like its half way through a gruelling season rather than fresh-faced ahead of a new one.

At the time of writing all I’m seeing is players being linked away from the club, whether it be the unthinkable John Stones suggested move to Chelsea, Mirallas to West Ham or any decent youngster we have heading out on loan.

As yet, nothing is pointing to our squad becoming stronger.

I know there’s time left but this incredibly tough start to the season is fast approaching and we need everyone ready. Signing players on deadline day may save wages but it does little to aid a fast start to the season. We play four games before deadline day and if we don’t get off to a good start who are we likely to attract then anyway? We must be proactive and decisive in the time we have this window.

I desperately want to be optimistic as the new season approaches but I’m struggling now. It seems on every possible level Everton FC is serving to depress me and I can’t bear it.

I want to be buzzing about Everton, I’ve had fans say to me, go and do something else if supporting Everton makes you this unhappy.

First things first: Supporting Everton to me, like it is to most blues, runs through my veins. I am deeply frustrated at what is happening to our club but giving up supporting EFC is right up there with giving up Oxygen. It’s not happening.

As a fan base we’re far too sensitive to other fans wanting more from a board whose record, from stadium moves to finding investment to commercial activity, is there for all to see.

Some fans tend to react more to others moaning than they do to the actions or non actions of this board. It’s not wrong to want better for your club. I get that it’s constant on social media but fans will react accordingly if the club shows some positivity, some ambition. Anything.

Off the field there remains no news on the ‘proposed’ stadium move to WHP, and reading between the lines of Robert Elstone’s ‘We have everything but the funding,’ speech, there never will be.

Similarly, no news on investment is par for the course if no less disappointing.

The sight of Goodison Park, with Anfield now growing ever bigger in the background, paints a stagnant picture. We have stood still for far too long and even in an era of untold TV riches pouring into the club, the picture remains the same.

The season is now fast approaching and we have spent £4.3m at a time when championship clubs are tabling £10m bids. We’re being run like its 1993, stuck in the dark ages with pathetic transfer budgets which have been the lead role in Kenwright’s longest running play.

We appear in need of a blood transfusion as the life is slowly sucked away through a complete lack of forward thinking or planning. It’s up to the board to take full responsibility and move our club on.

Show some ambition or better still, admit that after 16 years of non ending prolific boardroom failure, remove the vice like grip they have on our club. They need to lower their asking price, if indeed they have one, and allow Everton football club the opportunity it deserves of returning as a vibrant competitive force in English football.

Yes, only 4 teams can currently win the league but we can’t just give up! We have to show fight, intent and above all else this board has got to start coming up with a plan to progress us off the pitch.

Teams are strengthening all around us while we declare our first innings on 2 not out. Given the season we had last year, I would have thought some real intent to make amends would have been shown this window. It’s vital the fans go in to the new season with the belief our great football club is heading the right way.

Currently, aside from our youth, I’m hard pressed to find anything to be genuinely optimistic about. This is why Everton cannot afford to lose John Stones this summer.

The youth coming through does excite me, If I’ve made you faint in disbelief at such positivity, I apologise. But clearly we have something promising bubbling beneath the surface of Everton FC

Six straight wins over pre-season from David Unsworth’s men has stood out in a scandalously quiet break. The likes of Kieran Dowell, Ryan Ledson, David Henen and, more recently, Antony Evans, have given room for future optimism.

With no sign of progress off the pitch, please feel free to correct me if I’m being too harsh, our youth represents the one true hope currently. Who knows, our own class of ’92 could be emerging? Maybe fantasy talk but who knows?

If we start selling the likes of John Stones then we will be undermining our future. Basically we have nothing left if we are selling off our best young talent. Added to the complete lack of progress made by the board off the pitch, if we resort to offloading our brightest young stars, we have no spring-board on which to bounce back from.

The hope surely has to be to build a team around John Stones and get Everton back competing for major honours.

Selling Stones would confirm, if I didn’t know it already, that Everton FC under this current regime is set up to exist and nothing else. Surely an unacceptable state of affairs for any Evertonian?

We have gone twenty long years without a trophy and it appears we are trapped in sinking sand while others stroll past.

I want to feel enthusiastic, excited, gung-ho about our chances this season. The fact is I don’t.

I don’t enjoy being so negative about our great club but sixteen years of rampant failures from this board have taken their toll.

Our club needs and deserves better than a board whose only plan is to live hand to mouth on TV money. Is this it for Everton Football Club? Is this always the way its gonna be?

We need a strategy aimed at bringing our club right back to the very top. This will not happen waiting for the Sky check to clear every year or waiting for someone to give us a new stadium for free.

Be careful what you wish for? Surely nobody wished for this.

So come on blues, we’re not going to cure-all our ills in the next few weeks but we can re-install some optimism. Let’s show some ambition, render my article premature and knee-jerk, and re-ignite the Goodison fervour ahead of a testing start to the season.

Everton FC does not deserve to be a peripheral figure in English football. The time to get noticed is now.

Time for Change

Mark Ellis

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Mark Ellis

34 year old Evertonian, BU Supporter, blogger, loving Roberto, busy with my beautiful son Kai who has made me & my fiancee Lyndsay's life complete.

One thought on “Silent Blues Must Find Their Voice

  • July 27, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    I have never thought of myself as a silent Blue although I must be. I don’t normally put my thoughts down in writing. I do, however, really enjoy the clever and clear articles other Blues write on Everton Viral and other fan sites? I have decided to put my thoughts down because once again my Everton are being disrespected in the media, Sky Sports, the daily mail, and other clubs particularly Chelsea and their Portuguese clown. I don’t expect you to think this clever but I hope it is clear.

    I think we need a plan and to do nothing is not an option. Option a) seems just to carry on with TV money and hope something happens and my Option b) may just be something too risky for most, but carries high reward. My Option b) needs building up to. Slowly.

    We are going nowhere. Once again we are blessed with the best squad ever. We do nothing except ‘punch above our weight’ and celebrate the odd success against one of the big four and the individual player gaining international or cult status. We celebrate our history and tribalism, and we are the best supporters in the land, especially away and especially in Europe.

    But we are going nowhere. No trophy for 20 years and a deteriorating Victorian slum for a ground. We are told that even though we are not a selling Club, we are for sale. We can’t hold on to our best young talent in the face of serious offers (? I’m expecting the worst with Stones) We have had more success as a selling club than being a club for sale. It’s the not ‘being sold’ thing that really frustrates me. Smaller, small clubs than us, find a buyer and investment but we don’t. Amongst other performances that make EFC saleable, surely our televised destruction last season of Man United, in front of a magnificent crowd, must have raised the interest of someone somewhere. But nothing. So why don’t we interest anyone. Our history alone is worth more than most clubs offer.

    Is it Bill and the Board? Is it the ground?

    Sheik Manc bought City and the Council house because it was a magnificent stadium and not Maine Road. And fair do’s, they have developed it with surrounding area to a level no one could have imagined. If Everton is bought does the price we ask reflect the need to invest in a new stadium? Bit like us buying a house and realising ‘yep we can afford it but need to bring asking price down cos we need new wiring, plaster, update kitchen and bathroom’. At least.

    Slowly building up to option b).

    It’s this ‘being sold’ thing that really gets to me and realising we can’t compete in a sport that is big business. I have been going to Goodison since the 50’s and my father and grandfathers before that. I remember the League and Cup winning teams of the 60’s. I remember supporting Everton, arguably the first ‘Millionaire Club’ thanks to Mr John Moores and Littlewoods. I, like you have been through the lean years, Gordon Lee, Mike Walker (and standing in Goodison road in the late 70s was painful) and remember the best team in Europe in the 80’s.

    Ok let’s go for my high risk high reward Option b). It will have to be promoted as a 5 year plan with risks. It will have to be promoted as a board decision and in consultation with registered fans. We all need to realise it has the potential for lean years including and/or relegation (City did it).

    If Walton Hall Avenue is on the table take it. I have read to build a stadium can take a minimum of £100m. So let’s take £100m as a target. Let’s sell, from and not in any order, Berkley, Stones, Coleman, Mirallas, McArthy, and Lukaku until we reach the target. Don’t forget we can add the TV money. We can sell Goodison.

    What will happen? We cut our cloth. We will need to depend on our youngsters and the usual wheeling and dealing for loan players during the construction period. Rhino has got something special going with our U21s. RM may become disinterested. If so OK. Ask a blue like Duncan to step up mentored by Joe, Sharpy or Kevin Ratcliffe. We could have a better boot room than the RS used to have. In the short term we will become a team aiming for mid table security and fighting relegation for a few seasons until…….

    We may have low attendances at Goodison. I been there before and will be there again. We will move to a new ground and we will have put ourselves up for sale again.

    ……..Until our Sheik (American, Russian, Asian Billionaire) comes along buys our Club and new stadium develops it from a 50,000 seater to 75,000, and takes us straight to, and wins, the Champions League. We truly will be the best team the world has ever seen. Won’t we?

    If it goes wrong, well, what is the difference between that and where we stand at the moment? Not only are we going nowhere I fear we are losing out with our marketing and promoting the fan base. Thank God for ETIC.

    So it’s risky. But if we carry on as we are, asset rich but ‘not fixing the roof’ it’s just a waste of opportunity and still be at risk. We depend on TV money but what if that dries up? We have ‘our best squad ever’ and watch the vultures circling, wishing the end of the transfer window would hurry up. Then panic buying if we lose anybody. Again.

    I think we should take control of our destiny. I think it’s time for action.


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