Ross Barkley Signs Up For Roberto’s Revolution

A good week that started with Everton finally securing Muhamed Besic on a five-year deal gathered momentum with the announcement that Ross Barkley had signed up for another 4 years.

There was some criticism of the hype built around this fantastic news but on reflection this announcement deserved celebration.

Ross Barkley Signs Up For Roberto's Revolution

Ross Barkley Signs Up For Roberto’s Revolution – By @Markthablue


In modern-day footballing terms players signing long-term contracts hasn’t tended to end well but listening to Ross speak at his press conference it is clear we have a fully committed, über talented footballer who’ll be conducting lessons at the school of science for at least four more years.

Ross Barkley is a once in a generation footballer. In my 28 years watching Everton he is comparable only to Rooney and Kanchelskis in class. He’s not the finished article which is more mouth-watering than if he were at his peak.

Barkley has it all to be the very best, and all Evertonians can see it.

His trademark slalom like bursts across the pitch akin to an olympic ice skater are a sight for sore eyes. Having watched midfielders of the ilk of Claus Thomsen, Stephen Hughes and Mitch Ward I’m truly excited about the future of Everton with Ross Barkley in the side. He has all the makings of the holy trinity….in one player

His pace, power and grace on the ball are matched with lightning bursts over 10-15 yards – for no better example see the mugging of Javi Garcia in the recent City clash at Goodison –  attributes to make Barkley a key part of Roberto’s revolution.

For me he is the icon of Everton under Roberto, the personification of Bobby’s vision. A player with Everton’s traditions locked into his play and more importantly his soul. As a blue growing up, Ross can live the dream with a genuine chance of making us great again. Just like the teams his dad would have told him about growing up.

He hasn’t done a Rooney, he can see we are going places. A part of me will always believe Rooney will deeply regret not having stayed longer as an Everton player and as a fan. It’s one of the great shames Rooney left when he did. But that ship has long sailed and there is no room for looking back as we enter an eternally optimistic future under our Catalan genius.

“It is sending out the message that we want to do well and win silverware,”I knew what it meant to me when Rooney left. He was one of the better players and I thought Everton could have pushed on at the time.”When he left we were all down and I know how the fans felt so I wanted to sign (a new contract) and push on with Everton.” Ross Barkley

Barkley’s words will have resonated with Evertonians everywhere. He is one, he just gets it and it was a great sign of how grounded Ross Barkley is.

He doesn’t think he’s made it, he knows he needs to improve, his learning curve will hopefully coincide with the blues rise to the top of English football.

Ross has understood, being a blue himself, he can achieve his dreams here. With the window reaching a critical stage and the seemingly imminent arrival of Romelu Lukaku, Everton are shaping up nicely ahead of a potentially memorable season.

We need more of course, two strikers and a winger with pace to burn would add some serious belief to a great team spirit under Roberto.

Ross can be the spark for us next season. He has a talismanic presence in a midfield in which he will be allowed to express his creativity. With the engine room boxed off in the shape of the boundless McCarthy and Besic, Barkley has the perfect platform to take off this season – taking Everton with him.

Barkley has a wonderful talent for finding space, with the ball at his feet and comfortable on both, defenders face a nightmare with seemingly the only option to foul to halt his progress.

Ive never seen a player as tall as him play with such grace. He slips through the gears like a Lamborghini being showcased on Top Gear.

We are all preoccupied with transfers right now and rightly so. It’s a critical time and we all know what quality in the forward areas will bring. The board have to get this right as the rewards will be tenfold under the majestic Martinez.

Taken at face value Barkley’s contract extension is great news. I’m not cynical enough to think this has merely pushed Barkley’s asking price up ahead of an inevitable move away. It feels different. Ross can see were heading vertically under Martinez and he is acutely aware that his presence in a midfield looking tastier by the minute, can help bring upon a golden era for Evertonians everywhere.

Ross Barkley is a talent we wont see the likes of for a long time, so let’s embrace it blues. He is a glimpse into the past of the great sides of the 60s and 80s. The school of science was termed for players like Barkley – a player who has his heart and soul into pushing is on – and more deliciously, he has all the talent.

I’m aware this is a bit Love Actually but I don’t care. We pay a lot of money watching our great team and when you see Ross in full flow it is worth every penny. He is to our midfield what Roberto Martinez is to our technical area.

I know Ross Barkley is far from the finished article but with a new season upon us there is no room for negativity. Aside from my knee-jerk reactive tweets on twitter, my feeling deep down is that were in for something huge.

“In terms of finding another player of that quality, talent and potential, you will find it very difficult to find someone in world football” Roberto Martinez

We have dynamite on our hands blues, let’s hope the board are able to give us the spark to ignite us by the time the season starts.

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Mark Ellis


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