Random Blues

My feelings as the curtain came down on last season a month ago were indifferent to our club, a horrible feeling.

It seems my patience and outright anger with those that run Everton has spilled over into my altogether separate feelings of enthusiasm and hope for the eleven players on the pitch.


Goodison Park by @KevenBanks
Goodison Park by @KevenBanks

Random Blues

By @Markthablue

It’s been a while since I sat down to write an article, the last time we had just been beaten at home to Spurs to put the seal on a totally forgettable 2014/2015 season.

I’m not even sure what this article will be about, it might be as directionless as our board, so like Elstone, I’ll just wing it and see what happens.

I’m olive-skinned so the necessity for a lay down under some fluorescent lights is not needed, thinking on, can UV rays affect a persons judgement? Kitbag anyone?

The Pre-season has arrived and the usual feeling of emptiness was replaced by relief, such was the wretched nature of our season. It was a new and hopefully never to be repeated feeling to be made up there was no more Everton for a bit.

Social network has never been more angry and I feel like I’ve spent my time since the season ended slagging off the board and trying to expose the sycophantic Echo for what they are.

It has to be said I’m not like this in reality, my sense of anger and frustration at what’s happening at Goodison under this current regime is largely restricted to Twitter or in a room with a few Echo journalists.

At the age of 35 I can see things clearer, it’s much easier to be young and naive and ignorant of the nasty side of our collective obsession but with 20 trophy less years acting as a stark reminder of where we are as a football club, and with a board who have proven time and time again they are not fit to run it, I find myself wondering will I ever feel optimistic about seeing a trophy winning Everton again?

I don’t wish to be so depressive and I have been encouraged by a perceived show of intent in the transfer market. The blues already acquiring the services of Tom Cleverley.

The jury is well and truly out on the former Villa Midfielder but I truly can’t slate the lad before a ball is even kicked. I believe he may prove to be a shrewd signing and certainly offers a more re-assuring presence in the middle of the park than Gareth Barry.

Rumours are rife that we are close to sealing the return of Gerard Deulofeu, I think this is great news.

Yes Deulofeu has his faults, his decision-making certainly has to improve and he can be infuriating but his pace, trickery and ability to frighten defenders was something we sorely missed last year.

For me his arrival instantly improves our prospects for next season.

I’m looking forward to the day he is unveiled, which if rumours are true, will not be too far away at the time of writing.

I hope we continue to build over the summer but given the news of the fixtures that sees us entertain Watford, Southampton, Man City and Spurs before the window slams shut, it’s pretty clear we can’t afford to do all our business as the shutters are coming down.

It’s asking a lot under cirque du Kenwright but some early decisive transfer action is needed more than ever. Both to bolster the squad and bolster the hopes of the fan base.

I’m sick of feeling down about Everton and some fresh hope and optimism will hopefully arrive in the form of new arrivals this summer.

We have a potentially exciting spine of Stones, Barkley and Lukaku but we cant afford to lose any of them. Barkley needs to improve hugely on last seasons nightmare but for me he is still integral to our future, so lets embrace our youth and build a new and fresh faced Everton for when Watford roll up on August 8th.

I’m just lacking faith currently that we will do that. Let’s hope, in the likely situation that the status quo at Goodison will remain this summer, the ambition somehow returns as we look to erase the bad memory of last season.

Roberto has a crucial summer ahead, he has to recognise his faults and mistakes made last season, he needs to ditch his favourites policy and play players on form, in the right position and get the excitement and fearlessness back into our play that was so evident in his first season.

This has to happen right from the word go, the football was so turgid at times last season. No more pedestrian predictable build up please Martinez, a tactic that has continually got us nowhere.

I honestly think Roberto can’t afford to be stubborn here, the fans will turn on him big style if next season starts off in the same style that bored fans to sleep last season.

Quite simply, Sin Miedo has to return to Everton’s on-field approach, and off-field for that matter.

What’s currently ingrained into my thinking around Everton is my feelings towards the board, I’m unapologetic and I want these people out of our club.

The fans are starting to question what is going on, to not have attracted any investment in 16 years or improved the club commercially despite regular top 5-6 finishes is embarrassing. You only have to read my twitter feed to see how much its dominating my thoughts on social media.

As fans we need to truly stand up for ourselves, not wait for some group in shining armour to stand up and fight the board. This may well happen and lets hope momentum and pressure builds on this board but in the meantime, we need to be proactive as fans, let’s get visual, make banners etc. If your pissed off, then show it.

I’ll be taking banners into Goodison next season, no amount of signings will change my view of this board and my opinion that our great club deserves a hell of a lot better is now set in stone.

Personally, I think anyone whose had enough (and by my twitter feed I would say our numbers are increasing) should show it, raise awareness of this prolifically inept board. I hope as fans we can arrange something for pre-season.

I’ve said hope will come through transfers coming in if we land our targets but also, arguably the most positive thing we could achieve this summer is to all unite as much as it’s possible against this board.

I don’t feel well ever get our Everton truly back as long as they remain in situ, a board who celebrates top 7 finishes with DVD titles such as magnificent seventh and seventh heaven, the propaganda alone shows you how high this board sets the bar on our ambitions.

What would the likes of Bally, Labone and John Moores think of us being run in this way? Our history has got to be the base on which we set our future goals, for me, our ambitions will forever be curtailed under this board.

So stand up guys, ranting on twitter is not going to cut it, if we unite, anything is possible, none of us deserve an Everton without hope.

The Echo podcast

I get the feeling some blues are happy for someone else to stick there head above the parapet and then question them when things don’t go to plan. This has to stop, let’s all play our part and make this a collective effort to put pressure on the worst board in our history.

This article has now turned into some kind of Phil Neville rally call, but its where my mind-set is at.

Regarding the Echo podcast, I’ve made mistakes on twitter saying the people at the meeting would release the podcast without talking it through with others and for that I apologise.

I received my fair share of questioning and if peoples opinions have changed of me then fair enough. I get the frustration but I’m still the same guy now as I was before the podcast. The only person I’m in bed with is the missus, not the Echo.

The content was represented in the Echo’s watered down version, fans heard the tone of the questioning from the blues around that table and it should be clear that it wasn’t a cosy chat and a love in. All I can say is the motives of the people who attended the meeting with the Echo were to fight the corner of every disgruntled fan out there.

The Echo’s apathy towards what I think is a massive story centered around Everton’s boardroom and its operations is frankly scandalous, and needs addressing yesterday. Just what the hell is wrong with them?

I think patience is key at this moment, hopefully things will become clearer as time moves on but truly the important thing is getting our club back to where it belongs. And for me we have to become pro-active.

I love my club but I do not support this board and I want to get back to feeling positive and optimistic about seeing an Everton captain lift a trophy in the near future. Football is all about the memories that winning trophies creates.

I was 15 the last time an Everton captain lifted a cup, now fast approaching 36 I’ve become fearful of never seeing us win anything again.

So after all that negativity I want to end this positively. Let’s hope we get the players in, that Martinez learns from his mistakes and returns to the vibrant innovative manager of 2 years ago and while were at it, let’s put the pressure on to force change at boardroom level.

We are quite simply nothing without hope.

We are not interested in a loan deal, we want hope and ambition to move in permanently and a board synonymous with failure to move out.

The perfect swap deal.

Time for change.

Sin Miedo

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