Plane Stupid

The Plane protest was a success as whether you support it or not you’re talking and writing and reading about it.

Plane Stupid

Plane Stupid

By @davidokeefe

The media coverage in the national media justified the expense and another has already been funded by the supporters of the campaign.

The opposition are, and I’m sorry to say this, plane stupid.

Ian Snodin, a club ambassador, accusing the Everton Board Out, Blue Union and SOS1878 of lacking class in a pitiful attempt of divide and conquer. Plane Daft

He was given a platform for this divisive rhetoric in the Liverpool Echo, part of the same Trinity Mirror Group whose flagship title the Mirror gave a platform to Joe Jennings (sos1878).

An ambassador is supposed to be a diplomat so this has to be a massive blunder on Snodin’s part.

Also, Martin Samuel got in on the act as did Mike Parry. And the Echo, who seem to be perpetually in debt to the club.

Also expect certain fan sites to pile in with the criticism.

However, we know this plan off by heart thanks to Everton Football Club’s former Director of Communications, Ian Ross:


Plane Stupid


From: Robert Elstone (Everton)
Sent: 07 September 2011 18:57
To: IR; Emily Dallas (Kenwright)
Cc: Mark Rowan (Everton)
Subject: RE: from Ian Ross


Whilst there’s bits I like, there plenty of stuff I don’t and it’s not how I say it… They’re not saying we haven’t tried to sell. They’re not saying we hand over to the first person waving a cheque. They’re saying we’ve failed and there’s a better way. Of course, their better way isn’t a better way.

For me, we have really risen to the bait. It’s too much and we patronise them. As you know, this is what I said an hour ago We’ve been asked to come up with a plan.

It was felt the plan should use others to say what we want to be said. We know they’re accusing us of stagnation and they want the Board removing. They are or they may be influencing the fringes and they are causing us damage. This might be low hundreds it might be more. Either way, I hope we agree we should fight it.

What came back was a plan that had me on the radio and in the paper along with BK and Martin Samuel, and the Manager. That didn’t feel right.

We agreed we would start work taking as much heat out of this as we can, as soon as we can…

We will continue that post march and if the march is big we counter it will more efforts.
The people who can say good things about us include (and you know these far better than me):
? Friendly journalists including the Echo who know they owe us
? Radio show hosts Parry, Durham, Gray, Snodin
? Unofficial websites Durkins and others you know well…
? Certain fans
? Former players
? Supporters Club leaders Sweeney, Lyon, and many others who we’ve given a lot to…
? Industry commentators Cannon etc
? And I’m sure others

My view is we should be speaking to all of these, over the next 24 hours on the ridiculous notion of stagnation and the futility of removing the Board…we have league tables, awards, Academy and a list of business successes to point to.

Even if the above don’t go public, they simply talk to mates, it will help.


From: Mark Rowan (
To: Robert Elstone (Everton) ; IR ; Emily Dallas
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 19:21


Further to the emails this evening and on the basis we will not use the piece drafted by Ian, we plan the following over the next 48 hours and will supplement with additional content from Everton supporters. This will be done through some of the channels identified below. However, part of the challenge is ensuring our credibility so will not be able to put through Club media and some of the unofficial channels. I have discussed with Ian and will keep all updated.

Tim Cahill on a Club not stagnating and importance
Andy Gray (pitched) – importance on bringing through young players, how unrest can be counter productive.
Fan blog speaking up for the silent majority

Chairman piece in Daily Mail

Manager press conference where he will be asked about stagnation issue and Saturday protest




Myself and Mark Ellis have started a betting book on the ex players that will speak up soon.

The options are Horne, Carsley, Neville and Cahill. Don Hutchison has already called the fans groups ‘bellends’ so we won’t be taking any bets on him.

As for Elstone, using the 2011 playbook to deal with a plane protest, speaking to all his media mates, unofficial and supposedly independent fan sites, and anyone he believes has any degree of influence……. does he think we have all forgotten about the emails?

I printed them off Robert, before Toffeeweb removed them, and I still found a site to link to all of them, four years later!

Mr Elstone would be better advised to be speaking to clubs and player agents to secure new signings for the club instead of waging a vindictive and ineffectual campaign against fan groups.

Divide and conquer will not work this time and anyone doing Elstone’s business will be only be damaging their reputation in aid of such a worthless cause that is Elstone, and this board of directors.

No-one is listening this time Robert, they’re laughing at you and your idiotic mates whoever they may be.

They’re laughing so hard that they just booked another plane for Sunday.

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