Missing Everton: A Break From The Romance

Missing Everton: Life just isn’t the same without Everton is it? And in fact, it’s just not the same without Premier League football


Missing Everton: Goodison Park
Missing Everton: Goodison Park


Missing Everton: A Break From The Romance – by @LowerGwladysLad


Less than a month after the Toffees played out their final game of the 2013-14 campaign against Hull City, I find myself sitting here watching Brazil v Panama, a World Cup warm-up match, as I attempt to compensate for the lack of Everton in my life during these summer months.

Some of you might be desperate for the World Cup to start, and yes of course I’ll be tuning in, but where some people’s passion lies with their respective national sides (nothing wrong with that), my passion is and will always be my Club Everton, so being English and supporting England doesn’t even come close.

We now face the beginning of World football’s biggest competition in the coming weeks and countless games on TV for us to take in, plenty to keep the football fan happy you might say, but deep down from 11th May onwards, I will still be thinking about and missing Everton, and this will be the case until the referee blows that whistle in August when I witness my beloved Blues in Premier League (and Europa!) action once again.

Missing Everton

I miss everything about the Club; the sights, the smells, the conversation. The pride, the passion, the disappointment (Everton that) and the elation.

It all makes being an Evertonian worthwhile, and the league in which we play in keeps us on edge for nine months each year. I miss the match day sounds, the same old faces, and the overall feeling of togetherness. I miss the family that is our fan base, dodging the horse shit down Gwladys Street and the ‘hats, scarves and yer badges’.

I miss going to the rough-arse boozers down County and mixing with people like me. I miss the team sheets, the news, the interviews, the constantly looking ahead to our next game. That feeling when we score, when our fans are in full voice.

The limbs, the buzz on the terraces, on the streets and from within the Club, Martinez has made this better than I’ve ever seen. Everyone wanting to talk ‘Everton this, Everton that’ not even saying hello to fellow Blues just breaking into a full on convo about your beloved Toffees.

Missing Everton

I miss writing about it, penning my thoughts and getting over-excited, I miss Tweeting constantly about it, taking the piss out of the Kopites at each opportunity and battling with rival fans. Being last on Match of the Day or the media not giving us a mention, even though I moan about it I miss it all dearly.

It’s only a short period of time you might think, but I feel the same when there is an international break during the season or when we have been knocked out the Cup – no Everton is no good!

Without Everton life does seem quiet, it seems different, and to quote one fella on Twitter the other day; ‘I’ve even had to talk to my family’. Ha Ha Ha.

Missing Everton: Matchday

The transfer speculation, the packed away day support, watching the highlights a 100 times when we win! I miss it all. The fire exit sign swinging on the Gwladys Street concourse, moaning about the price and temperature of Chang every week but still queuing up to buy it! Blues eating hotdogs as long as Queens Drive and the battle in the bookies to throw money on the Club we all love.

Homes, Draws and Aways, BTTS, Everton to win 16-0 Naismith to score them all. The chants and the phrases, the dodgy Wiziwig streams trying to get a link for some of the games; ‘Ahhh we’ve scored it says on Twitter, this thing’s ten minutes behind’.

The constant slating of referees; ‘f#ck off‘ *insert any Premier League referee’s second name here.’ *

Hanging off Roberto’s every word and feeling slightly uncomfortable about that man-crush you have somehow developed.

“£2.70 for Curry and Chips in the Goodison Road Chippy, yer wha?!”

The School of Science, a sea of Blue around the ground, walking that walk you have done a thousand times and never getting tired of it.

What about Kenwright spending the transfer kitty on Martinez’ shoes? Gerry Deulofeu’s comedy broken English and Bryan Oviedo becoming a cult hero. Ross Barkley’s skin head and Leighton Baines acting like the coolest man on the planet.

Tim Howard’s beard and Distin getting a milk round. James McCarthy, need I say any more? I miss all aspects of being an Evertonian and although you do get more free time now that the season has finished, it just isn’t the same without having the game to look forward to or getting your weekly dose of the Blues.

For many Goodison is a place to meet, a place to vent and a place to feel at home. We come together all for one reason, and once that reason is taken away, we go back to doing normal things like going for walks and going shopping (shudders).

It’s all part of being a football fan and following this Club certainly feels like a romance; you’ll have your ups when everything feels amazing and you’ll have your downs when you don’t wanna talk to each other and fall out. And then when you don’t see each other for a bit you realise what you are missing.


Missing Everton: Goodison Road
Missing Everton: Goodison Road

Missing Everton: And Martinez

All of the above are just a few things I miss and some things of note from last season not to mention matters on the pitch. The goals we scored, the belief that was instilled, some of the performances we witnessed and our new-found expressive confidence. It spilled onto the terraces and I want it to continue.

This is why I probably miss it more because nearly a year ago today Martinez got the job and the spirit since last June has simply been incredible.

Everyone associated with the Club speaking of enthusiasm, talking about the possibilities and displaying a real ambition. I actually miss the manager giving his press conferences because you would literally be boosted and filled with confidence by his every word.

The way in which he just ‘gets’ Everton and the smile on many of our fans’ faces. I loved our first season under Roberto and maybe in some recent years I would have been glad of a break from Everton, but currently, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We had a great season and I think this has added to my feeling of neglect, I never wanted it to end and Roberto and the Blues did us proud. I think what excites us most is what we can go on to achieve, so I am sure you, like me, will be looking ahead to August with a real hunger and desire to see this new Everton continue where they left off in May.


Missing Everton: Image by Vinny Churchill
Missing Everton: Image by Vinny Churchill


For now I’ll have to make-do with the internationals and actually get things done at the weekend, but my Club won’t be far from my thoughts, I’ll always miss them when they are not there but in reality I know they always remain.

Up the Toffees!

See you in Asda.

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