Martinez Out! By @davidokeefe

Social media explodes with demands to sack the manager after an admittedly bad season follows a relatively good one, users demand the sale of a promising young player in order to buy new and better ones.

The senior players are against the manager and the club is in a relegation fight.

It’s almost as if we’ve been here before….


Martinez Out! By @davidokeefe

Martinez Out!

By @davidokeefe

The year is 2004 and in those pre-twitter/facebook/social media days….nobody demanded the sacking of David Moyes.

Not even on the radio phone-ins did I hear that demand, but that was ten years ago maybe they did.

17th place and a record low points total later and I don’t remember any demand to sack Moyes?

Now, thanks to the knee-jerk responses that social media facilitates, it’s become a hashtag, but nobody has publicly burnt their brown shoes and posted it on instagram…yet.

Anyway, Martinez out?

I can think of a few people over at Everton Football Club who should be out. But the demands of brevity thankfully doesn’t allow the naming of the usual suspects.

Remember 2003 – 2004 and that truly dreadful season? Who was responsible the manager or the players? At the time I sided with the manager against the senior pros that had let us down in the Smith years and wrote against the very notion of selling Wayne Rooney.

The latter had no effect, but the subsequent conduct of Radzinski and Stubbs in the summer of 2004 proved that really was the case and allowed Moyes an easy win in that war.

No need to speak up and defend yourself when your opponents make your case for you.

So that was 2004, it was the players attitudes that were to blame. A year later, with Radzinski and Rooney gone and Stubbs in the last year of his contract with so many others in that squad, they opted to knuckle down and surprisingly they made fourth.

The moral here is get the c#nts out,’ to quote Alex Ferguson, or if you want a more refined and academic response it’s known as the no asshole rule.’ (Harvard Business School)

Now, the Martinez second season syndrome is rather similar in some respects to the second season of Moyes. Remember Samuel Eto’o? Great player, but he was an asshole and he had to go.

Also, remember Sylvain Distin? He apparently kicked off with the manager after the league cup defeat against Swansea. He’s another asshole.

There may be others from the Moyes era causing trouble down at Finch Farm.

I believe Martinez will get us out of the brown stuff and those knee-jerkers should be asked if they demanded Moyes out in his second season.

I can’t remember too many complaints about the manager at that time. I do remember a minority that wanted Rooney sold to fund the purchase of better players. Alas some things never change.

So this second season? Martinez out! Barkley is shit and should be sold to the highest bidder and senior players being assholes?

The only reason it’s not 2004 is that an increasing minority want the manager out.

Ten years ago the players got the blame not the manager.

Now it’s sack the manager and everything will be alright?

Wrong, you get rid of the assholes instead, it works every time.

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