Know Your History: Short Term Solutions Not The Answer For Everton

It has clearly been a difficult second season for Everton under Roberto Martinez

However, as recent history tells us, short term, knee jerk solutions are not the answer


Know Your History: Short Term Solutions Not The Answer For Everton

Know Your History: Short Term Solutions Not The Answer For Everton

By David O’Keefe

ALL demand answers, apportion blame and put forth simple and easy solutions that are wrong.

Sacking the manager is not the answer. It’s a short term, knee jerk response to some recent difficulties that he should be allowed to overcome.

Now for the most ludicrous suggestion of all: Sell Ross Barkley and use the money to buy some players that will improve the team and get us that Champions League football.

This is Neville Southall’s view and from a man that saw the Peter Beardsley money used to purchase Brett Angell he should really know better.

Reasons for supporting this high risk strategy are that Barkley is over rated and the money is too good to be turned down if offered.

Now form is temporary and class is permanent and for a player in poor form he managed to win MOTD goal of the month for his goal against QPR.

Those demanding a sale have focused on the recent poor form and ignored the fact that he is a player of immense ability.

Big Nev’s solution was tried in 2005-6 and the proceeds of the Rooney sale were squandered. Per Kroldrup, Simon Davies and James Beattie stunk the gaffe out.

Only the signing of Phil Neville can be considered a success providing us with a tackle, a back pass and thousands of rallying calls.

In short it has been done and it didn’t work.

My solution is a long term one, but they’re not flavour of the month in comparison to selling the family silver to fund a spending spree.

Removing the players over the age of 30 by the process of contract expiration and player sales is the way forward, but that will take time and it won’t produce much in the way of monies for new signings.

If you want new signings ask the board to use the TV monies or provide the necessary funds from their own pockets.

Short term solutions driven by a lack of finance lead to poor decision making. A recipe for achieving Champions League football it is not.

There were supporters advocating selling Wayne Rooney to improve the team during his second season; they came close to Champions League football but the new signings were poor and the money spent delivered nothing.

Some people don’t want to know their history. If they did they wouldn’t advocate selling the family silver as a fix to a long term problem.

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