The intense idiocy of the JFT39 shouts and other musings


Well the day has come around again. It’s supposed to get easier with time but each year without seeing them corrupt twats behind bars just makes things worse


They’ve been caught out. As have the government of the time. And yet the media is still gently trying to undermine the efforts of all of those trying to find justice.

My main bugbear today is around fans of other teams bringing out the JFT39 shouts. I think the justice surrounding that one would be the castration of whoever decided to allow a showpiece final to be played in a dilapidated stadium in the first place.

Having fans shouting it all over twitter is insane. Do they not realise that it could have been them?

We go the game. We are treated like cattle. We are viewed as a nuisance.

It’s no different if you are Liverpool, Everton or Chelsea and yet their fans more than any others seem blind to that fact. Maybe it’s because they have only ever known all seater-stadia and Sky cameras.

An inability to be quiet for 60 seconds to show respect for the deaths of fellow humans is a disgrace.
As is the Liverpool and Man United Hillsborough/Munich trade off.

Both teams know how raw a tragedy is, and as such it should be off limits completely. This needs to end now.

I find it all sickening. Just looking at my daughter and imagining her not coming home from a match whilst other so called humans are laughing about it makes me feel sad for the human race.

Before anyone thinks of being such a cunt and joking about shit like this do me a favour: Get a pen and paper. Write down all the names of your friends and family. I doubt you’ll reach 96. But if you do, just imagine them going to Tesco tomorrow. 

And never coming back.


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