What I’m looking forward to this upcoming season

What I’m looking forward to this upcoming season – By


 What I'm looking forward to this upcoming season


  • Finally getting rid of that badgina from both the kit and off the side of the ground. Walking up Andrew Street to every home game was like approaching some kind of Lithuanian Toys R Us in the hope that this week’s new yo-yo will last longer than 2 days.


  • Seeing the old faces and the optimism that usually drains when Arsenal’s 5th goal goes in off the shin of some French 2nd division striker that Wenger found out about.


  • The first pissing with rain game and thinking it will suit our passing game.


  • Wondering what lucky fashion statement Roberto Martinez will bring to the sidelines this season.


  • Being the only person in the ground singing Skemiesta¬© to the Barcelona Iniesta chant as Leon Osman scores his annual ‘where the frig did that come from’ goal.


Left Hand Man: Skemiesta with Roberto Martinez
Left Hand Man: Skemiesta with Roberto Martinez


  • Seeing which set of away fans challenge Norwich for the most One Direction looking firm of the season.


  • Watching Kone hit his 30th league of the season on boxing day. Then waking up and eating my cornflakes.


  • Sylvester Stallone leading the County Road Cutters into battle against Samuel L Jackson’s Urchins on Stanley Park.


  • Daily Mirror match reporter being flown at half mast for offences to transfer speculation.


  • Jim White wankathon on transfer deadline day.


  • “Breaking News. Glen Whelan has sensationally signed for Reading!” So.


  • The complete takeover of football punditry by the cloven hooved ones from across the way.


  • And finally….Romelu Lukaku in a blue shirt once again…..In the right shade of blue.


Goodison Park by @KevenBanks
Goodison Park by @KevenBanks


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