Hey Joe, About Those Children Demanding A Billionaire

Joe Beardwood, a former chief executive at Carling, believes that fellow Evertonians shouldn’t dream of a Sugar Daddy to splash the cash and instead need to cut their cloth accordingly.

Goodison Park by @KevenBanks
Goodison Park by @KevenBanks


Hey Joe, About Those Children Demanding A Billionaire

“It’s childish to complain that we haven’t got a billionaire owner,” says Joe.

Now many ‘anti-Kenwrights’ believe that Joe and the Echo are attacking them and its true that they have been misrepresented by the Kenwright apologists as children demanding a billionaire in the past.

The truth is however much more interesting.

Everton need a billionaire owner in 2008

Everton need a billionaire owner in 2010

This is what grates about the Echo headline, Evertonians shouldn’t complain about not having a billionaire owner.

The only Evertonian that has ever complained about not having a billionaire owner is Bill Kenwright!

The Blue Union have only called for an interim board or third party to be responsible for selling the club to a responsible group/individual. Not a billionaire.

The Echo’s framing of the issue is disgraceful at a time when supporters are griping about 20 years without a trophy to be called childish for demanding new ownership not a billionaire is disgraceful.

Erecting a strawman while refusing to give equal space to those opposed to the current board is disgraceful for a paper supposedly dedicated to balance.

Beardwood has gone from rightly criticising the board over their failure to increase commercial income (only 0.5% a year) and rightfully stating that Bill Kenwright doesnt want to sell and only wants donations, to promoting the pessimism of Kenwright apologism.

I take issue with his claim that a new or redeveloped stadia will not attract the corporates. We haven’t really tried.

“There has never been a business plan at Everton. A lot of emotion, a lot of good people but it can’t just be about this whole model that’s been created, it can’t just be about winning trophies.”

Actually Joe it is about winning trophies.

What grates is Joe Beardwood accepting the new ‘Kenwrightian’ paradigm for success of punching above your weight.

That’s not success.

I’m not sure who Joe is attacking to be honest.

A quick Google search reveals that the only child demanding a billionaire is Bill Kenwright.

Not that the Echo would stoop so low as to not research its online archive and misrepresent or fail to represent the views of anti-Kenwright Evertonians.

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