Good Riddance Pre-Season

Good riddance pre-season, you gave us a lifeline when the world cup had ended but thankfully we’ve now seen the back of you.

Everton’s poor run of results and worrying performances have proved irritating but the real business starts now.


Good riddance pre-season - Paderborn 3 - 1 Everton
Good riddance pre-season: Paderborn 3 – 1 Everton


Good Riddance Pre-Season: Time for Business – By @Markthablue


Since the opener at Tranmere we’ve looked like we had just ended a season and were not about to start one. Truthfully, pre-season has no bearing whatsoever on the following season. I’ve seen Everton beat Ajax and go onto fight a relegation battle. Pre-season relevance summed up.

The players looked for the most part like lethargic strangers who had never met. And with open mic night becoming a regular feature of our defensive displays, a few moments of quality, most notably Chris Longs stunning opener against Paderborn and Mo Besic’s sparkling cameos is not much to write home about. I have no doubt a very different Everton will turn up at Leicester on Saturday.

The new season is upon us, such anticipation, the nerves are back, are we going to have a good season? What delights or horrors are in store for us? There is even a part of me that hates the fact that we will concede goals at some point this season.

I hate the not knowing but wouldn’t have it any other way.

The talent we have in the squad and in the technical area should make for an exciting season. With a few additions still required, which I’m sure we will get, the promise for next season could not be greater.

Pre-season means nothing but sometimes it’s hard not to react. Paderborn on Saturday was a perfect example, some of our play was intensely frustrating to watch and the passion we have for our team can’t just be switched off.

When Everton play, there is no difference in the fans approach whether it be pre-season or Premier League but thankfully we are back to normal service were the fume, frustration, elation and unbridled joy can resume a justified battle.


Everton 1 - 3 Celta Vigo: Baines crosses for Everton's opener
Everton 1 – 3 Celta Vigo: Baines crosses for Everton’s opener


Everton have looked decidedly Kevin and Perry in Pre-season but I have no doubt we will be more Reservoir Dogs when we take to the pitch at the King Power stadium on Saturday.

Its time for business and Martinez and his side will relish the challenge of bettering last season. With a youthful spine of Stones, Barkley and Lukaku, we can look forward to not just a great season, but a great future.

The Renaissance of Everton is only just getting started.

Always so many questions going into a new season but I can’t shake this belief that we are on the verge of something special.

Despite this we know the squad undoubtedly still needs strengthening – we can’t continue with some players; Hibbert being a prime example as he looks out-of-place and off the pace. He has been a great servant but as club we have to move on.

Roberto is speaking about a few more signings and with the deal for Atsu being pushed through as we speak, the competition for places come September 2nd will hopefully prove fierce. Especially in the forward areas.

The Premier League will be incredibly tough. There is so much quality around were we are looking to breakthrough but with signings like Lukaku and Besic, and hopefully more to come, added to the innovation of Martinez, we can do this. Last seasons appetizer has left everyone hungry for more.


A delighted Romelu Lukaku signs in at Everton


I Love the start of the season. Everything is fresh and the inevitability of us improving along with Martinez is what is really exciting for me. The thought of a more consistent Mirallas, Barkley going up a level, Coleman wanting more goals, Lukaku’s desire to feed his ego with goals – bring it on!

There is no team with as much promise coming through the ranks as us and next season it is time to cash in.

We can now hurt teams and we don’t care who we play. The fear under Roberto does not exist and with our midfield looking very strong – although we haven’t seen it in pre-season – we should be looking to weld the back door shut and truly hurt teams in the final third this season.

Other teams have improved but technically, few sides have the potential to explode quite like us.

Our players are looking to push on under Roberto, primed to ram the ever-present lack of acknowledgement from the media and haters everywhere back down their ignorant throats. I hope we sign quality and loan even greater quality as we push the Sky 4 all the way and irritate them intensely in the process.

As I’ve said before how much more fun is it to be disliked than patronised. Behind Roberto’s smile lies a fierce determination to take Everton back to the top and the thought of this guy getting the bit between his teeth next season is exhilarating.

The prospect of our style of play developing is mouth-watering. Last season we saw some great goals; the goal Lukaku scored against Hull rounding off a patient and penetrating 16 pass move had the Martinez effect stamped all over it – a goal made the Everton way with this season promising more of the same.

The School of Science is ready to teach the Premier Leagues form of 2014 a lesson. Pre-season means jack, it’s non alcoholic lager, and as fans we shouldn’t have a hangover from a run of far from ideal results.


 Goodison Road


On the night Everton will be ready.

The reason for the outrage and dislike of Everton in the media shows they are aware of how dangerous we are becoming. We need to believe in our team and this must be reflected at Goodison.

So no more libraries, no more inexplicably flat atmospheres. As one, Evertonians should be as fierce as our young hungry team and Manager for success. The time to grasp what is happening here has arrived.

The team deserves all of our passion and volume right from the word go. In every game be expectant blues, not hopeful.

A footballing arrogance our team will display next season should be replicated in the stands.

I admit all of this seems over the top given our run of results and performances in pre-season added to the suggestion that two of our best players, Lukaku and Mirallas, might not be fit for the start of the season. But it would be jumping the gun to suggest Roberto hasn’t planned this out so we are ready for Leicester. Come rain or shine Martinez is playing the long game.

Sports scientists will have all this kind of thing mapped out, everything is planned and if we have to go without our influential Belgians then so be it. I’ remain confident with Roberto but it is crucial we boost the squad ahead of September 2nd so we give ourselves every chance this season.

He leaves no stone unturned, always looking to improve us and we have the natural talent and a healthy mix of youth and experience. This combined with Roberto’s fierce desire to see us back where we belong, the coming season is all there for us. Some more signings before the window slams shut will add re-assurances to the fans that we mean business this season.

Roberto sees things clearly. His vision has seen the cream of our young talent from Stones to Barkley, players who have the Rolls Royce stamp of quality all over them, commit for the foreseeable future.

This tells us all we need to know about the way our players feel about how the club is progressing.

John Stones “Everybody can see what is happening here and what we’ve got from last season is a platform to really better ourselves,”

“We all know, we can see something special is going to happen.”

It is 30 Years since our greatest ever season, now might just be the perfect time to announce that Everton are back.

Sin Miedo

Mark Ellis


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