For His Own Good Bill Kenwright Has To Go

Bill Kenwright has to go for his own good, as do Jon Woods and Robert Earl.

By @davidokeefe

This isn’t going to go over the history of 16 years of failure and no investment. It doesn’t need to be stated time and time again.

Bill Kenwright needs to go for his own good; he is ill and seemingly it is serious enough for him not to be able to lead the club.

He has been the leader for good and bad and now, by default, Jon Woods and Robert Earl are unwilling and unable to lead.

There is also the question of being quorate. An organisation needs three members to attend meetings and make decisions.

Everton have only two since Phillip Carter died. If you wish to know why the board have not come out and said John Stones is not for sale it is because no-one at the club has the authority to say so.

Bill Kenwright does the big deals not Robert Elstone.

Signing a free transfer and a player with a small fee can be left to the CEO. Anything involving large sums of cash needs the chairman’s involvement.

Rumours of Bill Kenwright’s failing health have been fuelled by his failure to attend certain Everton games and that’s not like him. This is a man that has travelled from New Zealand and back in a 24 hour period in order not to miss a match.

The chairman’s illness is serious enough to have had an impact on the club, as the John Stones non-transfer saga proves beyond doubt.

Only Bill can say ‘no’ and he has other concerns on his mind.

This is an awful situation for Bill Kenwright and he has my sympathy. He has to go for his own good and for the benefit of the club.

I will wish him a happy retirement as despite not liking the man I would not wish a serious illness on even my worst enemy.

He can’t continue and while some supporters may deny this claim of ill health…it’s going to be confirmed in theĀ  future as it can’t be ignored forever.

For myself it’s an awful state of affairs and it needs to be resolved as there is no board, no leadership and no plan for the club.

He has to go and it should be with all of our best wishes.

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