Fitting End As Blues Slump To Spurs

If ever the last game of the season summed up the previous 37 that went before it, this was it. Everton’s utterly depressing and instantly forgettable season was rounded off in familiar style with a thoroughly deserved home defeat to Tottenham ensuring a finish outside the top ten for the first time in nine years.

Fitting End As Blues Slump To Spurs

Fitting End As Blues Slump To Spurs

By @Markthablue

Yes we had the cheek to be on our holidays despite a season were I honestly struggle to remember three 90 minute performances. This was apt Everton, very apt. Brandon Galloway stood out but there was precious to take from a result and ultimately a season that most blues couldn’t wait to see the back off.

So many questions about our future, the banner unfurled behind the directors box is one I wholeheartedly agree with and despite it being only one in number, I believe it represents what a growing number of Evertonians feel. Now 35, and having witnessed 20 years of no trophies and even less investment under this board, I am feeling an overwhelming sense of hopelessness about our future.

I wish I was younger or perhaps less aware of our current plight under a board who have all but announced a third planned stadium move to WHP has stalled. The latest disappointment in 16 years of almost prolific boardroom failure. It’s clear to me the root of our problems is at boardroom level.

We simply will not progress under this current regime and with an 11th placed finish behind Crystal Palace and Stoke City amongst others, it’s clear the performance at boardroom level is slowly but surely filtering its way down to pitch level.

I’ve seen the phrase this week, if you tolerate this then your children will be next, it couldn’t be more fitting to what’s happening at EFC.

I’ve witnessed 20 years of nothing in terms of a trophy winning Everton. No memories. That’s a huge chunk of my life gone without seeing an Everton captain lift any kind of silverware. Do we really wish this on our kids? The guys with hope of seeing Everton be the best, we deserve at the very least to be competitive, in with a shout. Hope should not be a dream.

It’s patently clear we are not going to get to where we want to be under a board who think the Kitbag deal is in the best interests of EFC.

A board who think a free stadium will drop out of nowhere some day soon. They are not doing anything pro-active to get this club back to where it belongs. Living hand to mouth on TV deals is not going to cut it anymore, we’re Everton FC, what would Sir John Moores think about the way we’re being run under this board? He sacked Johnny Carey for finishing 5th, now we release a DVD about it .

Something has to change. The way the media portray us as plucky little Everton has got to stop. I feel like our club is half way through a death by a thousand cuts, with people too scared of us turning into Portsmouth or Leeds to kick up a stink.

The boards calculated and ruthless lowering of expectations with magnificent 7th DVDs and the local media’s rampant and frankly scandalous apathy which shows no sign of ending, has combined to reduce some of the Everton fan base to unwittingly fully embracing an Everton Football Club with no more ambition than to simply exist.

It’s heartbreaking to watch to be honest.

I’ve hated feeling indifferent to Everton. They’ve sucked the enthusiasm out of me this season, most noticeably since Kiev. I live and breathe the club like most blues and I truly want to get excited about our prospects for next season. But 16 years of this board and failure after failure is taking its toll.

Everton FC is in need of drastic change from top to bottom and it has to start this summer. We simply have to get the hope back.

The Game

Spurs were the better side and Everton had less imagination than the board’s commercial strategy to break them down, but there was no intensity to our play, no real desire from the players and given what’s happened this season, the lack of purpose about our play was irritating. At the very least we have got to learn lessons from whats gone on this season.

Special mentions for Galloway and Stones, two shining lights who hopefully will have a big part in our future. Sadly,  their quality and endeavour was not matched by their teammates in an awful showing.

Maybe it’s a good thing our shortcomings are so apparent ahead of a crucial summer? From top to bottom we need change. Ambition and drive need to walk through the door at Goodison Park.

Kevin Mirallas had Everton’s best chance but his shot was inaccurate and lacking in power to sufficiently trouble Lloris. Midway through the first half Spurs had the lead their overall play deserved, Kane meeting former blue Eric Dier’s cross to glance his header past Howard and give the visitors a lead that would prove decisive. Kane’s 31st of a worldie of a season for him

Everton were slightly better after the break but one shot on target in the whole game shows you just how poor we were.

A strong end to the season was needed after a dreadful league campaign but it wasn’t to be, defeats to Villa, Sunderland and Spurs following an encouraging run in April has contributed to the blues finishing a massive 25 points off last season.

It truly hasn’t been good enough since Roberto went on his jolly to Brazil, without so much as a preseason planned.

We’ve failed to build yet again on an encouraging season, a down-payment for Lukaku, despite raising the money from previous player sales does not constitute a strong window and we were well short going into a season with Europa League football added to the mix. How many times has this happened under this board?

Look at Spurs who have had an indifferent campaign yet finished fifth despite having the same burden as Europa as us. Squad depth is telling for me. The fact we’ve had to call upon the likes of Tony Hibbert this season, albeit infrequently, shows what years of squad underinvestment has done. We are looking as stale as a sliced loaf you’ve forgotten to throw out before going on holiday.

I’d like to comment on a flurry of late chances and fortunate defending from Tottenham but it just didn’t materialise. Spurs were full value for their victory and for now, the massive rebuilding job around our talented core of players must begin.

No more deadwood reappearing next season please Everton. We need youthful dynamism and quality brought in to supplement Stones, Barkley and Lukaku. A youthful spine a lot of teams would dearly love.

I’m not blinkered by the fact Barkley has disappointed hugely this season but there’s about 9-10 players who I’d like to see leave the club ahead of Barkley. Distin, who came on for his farewell bow, replacing Galloway despite us technically chasing the game, will be the first to leave. Again baffling from Roberto but maybe I’m just far too intolerant writing this?

I’ve hardly covered any of the match because there was virtually nothing to report. I’d love to be positive but right now I have no idea what’s in store for us this summer.

As fans we need to start wanting more, no more acceptance of our situation. I refuse to believe the Premier League is a closed shop and the last time I’ll ever see us win a  trophy will remain in 1995. I’m sick of others lifting trophies and something fundamental has to change at Goodison. I want my lad to see a successful Everton, like I did when I first started. The hope has to return.

I’ve given up wanting a local media who will question the owners of our club on what direction the club is going. The Echo are happy to go after LFC’s decision makers after no trophy in 3 years but find no appetite in questioning an Everton board who have presided over one disaster over another.

Failed investment promises, three failed stadium moves, following Elstone’s embarrassing “We’ve got everything but the money announcement” and more, have contributed hugely to a 20 year drought for England’s fourth most successful club.

The Echo remain unshaken in their apathy to the true problems at EFC. Appalling frankly.

I’ll stop repeating myself now, I feel submerged in frustration supporting Everton and I know it’s shown. At one point on Sunday blues fans were celebrating the red shite taking a pasting as we were getting beat. This small-time attitude cultivated by the worst board in our entire history needs to change.

And that change has to start in earnest now. For the sake of my sanity if nothing else.

Sin Miedo

Mark Ellis

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