Fan Activism: On Issues and Individuals


Can you separate the issues from the individuals?

The answer is no, but attacking the individuals is not the answer.

Fan Activism: On Issues and Individuals. Evertonians march at Goodison Park.

Fan Activism: On Issues and Individuals

By @davidokeefe

The individuals may have caused the issues, or failed to resolve them for a considerable number of years; yet ad-hominem attacks will always fail.

The Blue Union approach has been to focus on the failures to sell the club to a suitable buyer; the poor commercial deals and the failure to resolve the stadium issue.

Yet even they can’t avoid bringing up the individuals.

It would be impossible not to mention Kenwright, Woods, Carter, Earl and Elstone by name. They are individuals that have failed to resolve the issues and continue to exacerbate those same issues by their repeated failures.

Always the issues for me; never the individuals.

Never ‘Kenwright Out’ as that just leads to – well what next?

Just don’t ask me to find a billionaire; I don’t know any and I don’t want one running the club.

Only Bill Kenwright wants a billionaire. Ask him to find one instead. He is in a much better position than myself or any of his critics, owning as he does 25% of the club.

As for the options:

An expanded board to provide new ideas for the club.

Appoint an interim board to find a buyer for the club.

Fan ownership.

It’s time to think beyond Bill Kenwright and company, it has failed and it can’t be allowed to continue.

The Chairman is ill, Carter has died and Earl is absent.

The board is not quorate and is unable to make decisions. The club is leaderless in these circumstances an expanded board is a necessary short term solution. Yet no recruitment has been undertaken by Kenwright and Woods…. Very peculiar.

The interim board option is a non-starter if they refuse to consider new board members to bring the numbers up to a quorate level.

How can Kenwright step down and let someone else find a buyer when you have nobody to challenge the notion the best salesman in the world is on the board, as chairman?!

As for Fan Ownership:

‘Mahon was determined that Everton should be a democratic club. He wanted a large number of individual applications for shares so that more people were involved in running the club.

Mahon was keen to have shareholders who would concentrate on football ‘the cause we all have at heart’.

Allocating shares in large blocks to wealthy people who might be more interested in profit than football did not appeal to him.’

Not so much radical as traditional.

It works on the continent and the private ownership model has failed in English football with over half of the football league clubs falling into administration in the past 15 years.

If anyone thinks that Bill Kenwright and co have been successful it may be because the standard of ownership in English football is so appallingly low.

You damn him with your faint praise.

So how do you solve a problem like Everton Football Club’s ownership?

It’s always the issues for me and The Blue Union’s decision to campaign for the redevelopment of Goodison Park is a sensible solution to the clubs three failures to relocate.

I must declare I also proposed that they adopt that as a campaign goal at the previous public meeting.

Attacking the individuals and offering nothing by way of a solution to the issues is a dead end. Then again so is backing Bill Kenwright and the remaining board of directors.

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