Walton Hall Park is now a dead parrot of a stadium project. There is no funding, and the only hope for Robert Elstone is the forlorn hope of a cash strapped Liverpool City Council promising to nail it to the perch by offering to fund it.

Exhaustion. What's the plan?


By @davidokeefe

It has not failed yet, but it is nailed to the perch and soon it will be pushing up the daisies to the unconfined joy of the cities green space campaigners.

They need not have worried about bulldozers and diggers on Walton Hall Park as Elstone and the board of directors have a track record of failure.

There has been no campaigns against this stadium move, or fervour for it. After the Kirkby con, being pro or anti-Board didn’t matter. All of us knew that it would fail.

There isn’t even much anger or frustration aimed at the board of directors or Elstone this time.

The fans are exhausted and weary of the boards continued failures. They don’t want an argument or a fight with them…… They want solutions to the clubs stadium problem and commercial failings.

The prime evidence for this is that the Blue Union new campaign slogan is “What’s the plan?”

“Acquiring Peter Johnson’s shares is only the first step to restoring a great club to where it belongs – to where it should be. If you are going to run a successful football club you need two qualities: you need to be realistic and you need a plan. I’m realistic and I have a plan”
Bill Kenwright, 2000.”

Realism and Planning have been in short supply during Bill Kenwright’s and his colleagues tenure. Failures to find funding for the Kings Dock, Kirkby and now Walton Hall Park.

Also lets not forget Everton Place, the Park End redevelopment project that the club could not fund.

Kirkby, Walton Hall Park and Everton Place have a common thread: The club expects someone else to pay for it. This is not realistic or a plan, it’s a pipedream.

A board of multi-millionaires wanting someone else to pay for a stadium so they can reap the benefits upon the sale of their shares.

That was the plan for Kirkby and the plan for Walton hall Park.

As for the board investing in their own business:

“You indicate that Everton have failed to invest in their revenue generator, their stadium, would it be a fair observation to state that the current board have never invested a single penny in the club?” Robert Elstone answered honestly, β€œYes, that’s true, so when they sell, that’s a return.”

Kenwright and woods also brusquely refused to invest in the club when questioned at the EGM.

As for the plan its unsustainable:

“This asset utilization and disposal plan that has been adopted by the board, it can’t be sustained forever can it?” “No” came the reply.

“It’s inherently unsustainable, won’t the assets run out and the loan repayments overwhelm the clubs ability to provide sufficient funds to obtain better players?”

“We have a highly qualified finance team and a good relationship with the bank. That wouldn’t be allowed to happen” replied Robert Elstone.

Thanks to the TV deal the worse has not come to pass.

So, sell the assets to fund the business activities, and hoping that someone else will invest in your business to add value to it. Value that will be realised upon the sale of the club.

It’s a plan and its realistic if you don’t want to invest and reap a big reward.

The only problem is that it’s only a plan and realistic to the current board of directors. In the real word no-one is going to invest in someone elses business and expect nothing in return.

This is not how business works.

It’s a charity model that the club are pursuing, as Joe Beardwood points out, when the board say they’re looking for investment they mean donation.

A new plan is required to take the club forward the current model is neither a plan or realistic its a fantasy that even Bill Kenwright and the board know can’t work.

A new plan is required.

The alternatives are thus:

An interim board to be created to find a suitable buyer for the club. The Blue Union solution.

An expanded board to provide new ideas and solutions. Bill Kenwright remains as chairman. Eventually, Bill Kenwright sells the club.

The second option is the most likely to be achievable in the short term. It’s an idea being pushed by Frank McKenna, a prominent businessman, and Kenwright supporter at the end of his tether. And Bill Kenwright is not going to sell the club or step down and allow someone else to sell the club.

Following the machinations of Bill Kenwright and company is exhausting, and the cause of it all is the boards pursuit of a business plan that is unsustainable (asset utilisation) and totally lacking in any dose of realism.

Everton Football club is not a charity there are no donations to be given to a board run by multi-millionaires that refuse to invest in their own club.

I want Bill Kenwright, Jon Woods, Robert Earl and Robert Elstone to get out of Everton Football Club.

However, outside pressure will not be enough. They need to be held to account on the inside.

We need an expanded board to challenge this destructive fantasy of a Premier League football club pursuing a free lunch while the club falls behind their peer group, stagnates and eventually fails.

Exhaustion has replaced anger and apathy at Goodison Park. No-one is angry anymore, they’re tired of the continued failures of the board over 16 years.

New people and new ideas are required to improve Everton Football Club.

The asset utilisation and tin rattling model is the road to ruin.

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