@EvertonBoardOUT Protest Update

Everton supporters who have formed a new protest group against the ownership of the club release latest update

@EvertonBoardOUT Protest Update

@EvertonBoardOUT Protest Update

We would like to reiterate what we said at the start of our campaign. We are a group of Evertonians who are unhappy with the 16 years of lies, failures and a lack of plan or direction for our club by the current board.

Our aim is simple: We want the current board of directors to give the job of selling our club to professionals. We do not trust them to sell to the right buyer, even if the club is for sale at all.

We will not shy away from the fact that we want them gone from our club. We will continue to use various forms of direct action during match days both at Goodison Park, and away from home, in an effort to increase pressure and attract media attention to the clubs plight.

We would also like to make it very clear that this group was formed not due to a lack of transfers or spending this summer. It runs deeper than that. We have formed for numerous reasons surrounding the inability of this board to take our club forward and compete with our peers both on and off the pitch.

Everton Board Out leaflets will be handed out on Saturday
Everton Board Out leaflets will be handed out on Saturday

Whilst we are delighted as fans that the club refused to sell some of our best players this summer, we as a group will not stop.

We will not go away, regardless of how much discontent and, sometimes, abuse we get from other Evertonians.

We are Evertonians too.

We want what is best for our football club. Bill Kenwright, Jon Woods, Robert Earl and Robert Elstone are not that. Their track record has proven this.

The plane which flew over St Mary’s earlier this season received much attention. Displaying a clear message to the current custodians, prior to fully supporting our team to a great 3-0 win.

Attracting widespread media attention was a great success for our campaign.

Our aim was clear. Our aim worked.

The message was on every sports channel, Match Of The Day, Sky Sports News, American TV channels and featured in every national newspaper.

With this in mind, on Saturday 11th of September we will, weather permitting, be flying another plane over Goodison Park before the Chelsea game, to be shown live on TV.

Additionally, we will be having a peaceful protest outside of The Park End from 10.30am before the Chelsea game (12.45 KO). We would like as many of you there as possible along with any banners you may have.

Everton Board Out leaflets will be handed out on Saturday
Everton Board Out leaflets will be handed out on Saturday

We would please like to ask that all fans who attend the protest remain dignified and respectful at all times.

We get fans frustrations and disappointment at the poor running of our club and understand emotions can run high, but we as a group do not tolerate abuse towards fans whose opinions differ from ours.

We will then be going into Goodison Park to support our team, just like we do in every game they play. We oppose the board but this will never stop us from supporting the players who proudly wear the Royal blue of Everton.

Many thanks for your support and Up The Toffees!

Everton Board Out

Follow @EvertonBoardOUT on Twitter
Follow @EvertonBoardOUT on Twitter


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