@EvertonBoardOut: Man City Meeting Update

Everton supporters who have formed a new protest group against the ownership of the club release meeting update

 @EvertonBoardOut: Man City Meeting Update

@EvertonBoardOut: Man City Meeting Update

By @EvertonBoardOUT

Firstly, sorry for the delay, but here is the update from Sunday’s meeting for the people who could not make it. First of all we would like to thank everybody who made it, we came away with what we think are some very productive ideas.

It was decided, via a majority vote, that we would meet in the fan zone at 10.30am before the Chelsea game. However, after listening to concerns from our supporters after the meeting, regarding children being in the fan zone, we have now decided to meet at the same time in the Winslow followed up by a protest.

Agreement was reached that there would be leaflets given out around the pubs after the Chelsea game, and at away games to promote following meetings. The aim being to target supporters who are not using, or have limited access to social media.

Everton supporters demonstrate at Barnsley

We also looked into two suggestions made at the meeting. One was hiring the billboard on Walton Lane, outside Goodison Park.

The price of this is £1200 per fortnight with a minimum spend of £4000. Second was hiring a page out in the Liverpool Echo. Costed at £950 for half a page and £1750 for a full page for one day.

Obviously you are all well aware the plane did not happen before the City game due to the weather. After your kind donations, we will make sure it happens at the next available opportunity and are already in the process of asking for the Chelsea game.

We have also took on a comment made about the time of the meetings being too early. So for our next meeting, before the Man Utd game, we will be looking to address this issue.

We will keep you informed.


Everton Board Out

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