Everton Viral Top Fives

Franz Liszt Everton Viral top fives

Everybody loves a good list and Evertonians are no exception – Everton Viral Top Fives.

A never ending series…….


Everton Viral Top Fives

By Treacadelic

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Top 5 most bone chillingly bad full backs


1. Marc Hottiger.

2. Paul Holmes.

3. Mitch Ward.

4. John O’Kane.

5. Earl Barrett (I still have nightmares about him)



Top 5 ‘Did they really play for us?’


1. Paul Gascoigne.

2. David Ginola.

3. Andrei Kanchelskis.

4. Pat Jennings.

5. Kenny Sansom.


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Top 5 long sleeve wearers


1. Ronnie Goodlass.

2. Jesper Blomqvist.

3. David Thomas.

4. Tony Hibbert.

5. Duncan McKenzie.




Top 5 best looking away team kits at Goodison


1. Leeds all white (especially under floodlights)

2. Norwich (This is a personal choice but ever since I saw Justin Fashanu score that goal against Liverpool I identify Norwich’s kit with tradition)

3. Chelsea. (Always seem to wear a decent kit at Goodison. Except for the mid 80’s when they had that weird Fairy Liquid green kit)

4. Villareal (because it was Champions League)

5. Feyenoord (Always had a soft spot for that kit)


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5 random boss atmospheres at Goodison


1. Fiorentina. A very good Fiorentina team were outplayed under the floodlights and the Old Lady was rocking. Ultimately led to defeat on penalties but what a great night.

2. Spurs. 1-0  down after 90 minutes and two injury time goals led to the stadium almost falling down. The noise was incredible.

3. Liverpool. Duncan’s first goal. The underdogs of war bit back. What a night. A legend was born.

4. Coventry. 97/98. We stayed up on goal difference. The relief turned to hatred and venom directed at the board. The whole ground had had enough and were not shy of showing it.

5. Blackburn. 19 Year old Iain Turner is sent off within 10 minutes to be replaced by 18 year old John Ruddy. Goodison is a seething cauldron of hatred and spite. The nastiest atmosphere I have ever been lucky enough to be involved in. We won the game 1-0. Amazing. The sense of evil was almost palpable.



Stay tuned for the next in this never ending series and get in touch if you have an Everton Viral Top Fives list to add:



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