Everton Supporters Joint Statement

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We will be holding a peaceful but strong protest at the end of season awards ceremony at St George’s Hall on Thursday from 5.30pm onwards.

What we are protesting against is the continual acceptance of mediocrity, both on and off the field, by chairman Bill Kenwright and the board of directors.

For two seasons now we have endured sub-standard Premier League campaigns that has seen the club dwindle out of contention for European football and witnessed yet more years go by without any silverware.

This has been under the instruction of manager Roberto Martinez, of whom Kenwright recently said is “a most wonderful man.” He might be…… but he is also a man who has overseen the worst home points tally in the clubs history and states the away form is “Champions League form” – clearly oblivious to the amount of shots for and against in the previous two away games alone.

A man who uses being the last British side in Europe last season as a measure of success.

A man who regards two semi finals this season as success.

A man who has stated we have many of the worlds best players and that we are not under-achieving, yet only last Saturday as an uninvited guest at someone else’s party, realised we have become an unacceptable Everton side.

A manager who has clearly lost an unfit, demotivated, unsure dressing room and now also the clubs loyal fans.

A manager who has taken us from fifth place and European football, to the below the likes of Swansea, Southampton and Stoke with what some deem to be the most talented squad of players we have had since the glory days of the 1980’s.

Insultingly Bill Kenwright praised Martinez after the FA Cup quarter final win against Chelsea by saying “What a manager.”

We want Roberto Martinez removed from our club, not only has he proved time and time again that he has no idea how to get the best out of some of the most talented youngsters in Europe, but also refuses to change his style of play despite openly admitting in a recent interview that a different style would give us a better chance of winning games.

We are fed up of being nice little Everton with the “plucky” tag. We want to be a club who win trophies again regardless of who we upset along the way, we need a new manager who is a winner, who will demand and get the best out of his team. It is about time this club aimed big, got our ambition back and stopped accepting an inept mediocre manager, CEO and Chairman.

In our eyes, success is measured on how many trophies you win at the end of each season. We haven’t won any during Bill Kenwright’s time as Chairman. The fan base is divided, there is a deafening silence from the club with fans relying on Twitter in the hope of gaining something, anything, about the future of our club.

This is unacceptable. It has been for some time.

It’s time for change at Everton, it’s time to get our club back on track with a plan and a vision to develop into the best team in the country, again.

That is the message we will be getting across on Thursday, and we would like as many Evertonians there as we can to make this message louder and more clear than it has ever been.



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