Everton Match Day Superstitions

Goodison Park by Roddy Munro
Goodison Park by Roddy Munro

When it comes to heading to the game we all have our own little routines and match day superstitions we have to follow.

@TheToffeeLady94 is no different!


Everton Match Day Superstitions


Over the years my routine has changed, from where we park, to where we eat or what route we take to the ground.

I go to every home game with my older sister and my Dad. We travel by car from Chester and leave our house two and a half hours before kick-off. I always wear some form of royal blue, right down to my earrings, eye shadow and jewellery!

Sad I know but has to be done, I could never wear red on a match day!

We usually head to The Thomas Frost Spoons for something to eat and a cheeky tipple! Then just after team news is announced and we have mulled it over, we head over to the megastore and the ground.

Here is where my first weird superstition kicks in! Crossing the road from the Spoons to the other side (near the Aldi and the Maccies – know it?) I always have to walk round the outside of the lamp post, I know it sounds mental!

I don’t know where it came from I’ve just always done it and refuse go any other way round it. If I did, we would lose! And the one time I didn’t, we did lose!!

Wonder if I have lost any readers to that admission? ….. Ooops – you must all think I’m crazy!

Next we walk over to the ground, have a quick nose in the megastore, then it is to our turnstile and in we go!

And here is my next little match day superstition; when the game is in play the three of us have this thing called ‘hands’. Again I can’t remember where it came from I can just remember having always done it!!

Even now if I am watching an away game or listening on the radio I always do it, it’s become instinct to do it! If we have a set piece, we have to do ‘good hands’ which involves your hands being clasped together, palms pressed together, tips of your fingers facing upwards! Ok so basically like you’re praying!

Then if the opposition has a set piece or is on a break, we clasp our fingers together still, but fold our fingers down! I usually squeeze like mad, willing for someone to stop the other team in their tracks!

You may have seen me over various social media outlets asking for your match day superstitions, here are some of the responses.


Match day superstitions

Thanks guys for your responses, I love hearing from other fans and what their routines are!


Match day superstitions

Thanks Steven for your thoughts! Your poor brother! Suffering for the team he loves!! I might have to try out this ‘lucky chippy’, let’s hope it keeps on working!! I like that you walk round the ground, take in the atmosphere and mull over your thoughts ahead of the game!!


Match day superstitions


That’s the way to do it Karl! Once you’ve found a routine that works, stick to it! Michael, how could you!? But again at least now you know what  you need to do. Love your dedication to the ritual! That’s why I always have to walk round the lamp post, one time I didn’t we lost! We’re all nuts Gary! That’s what makes us Blues so special!!

Thanks again for all your answers, they have made me feel a bit more sane!!


Until next time Blues…


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