Everton Creatives: Art Of Football

Art of Football produce hand crafted designs emulating the beauty of those split second moments that erupt from that one magical kick of a football


Art of Football: Exclusive and completely original designs
Art of Football: Exclusive and completely original designs


Everton Creatives: Art Of Football

It was after watching Man City’s crazy title-winning match that the idea for these T shirts came to me.

The sudden transformation of anguish, nerves and misery into pure, uncontrollable elation was something of a spectacle. Now I’m not a City fan, nor is my club even involved in the Premiership, but even I was bouncing off the walls when Aguero finally broke through QPR’s defences.

As an artist and designer, I wanted to be able to immortalise that moment in a T shirt so that fans could wear it with pride (as they would usually do with a replica shirt), and be forever reminded of it.


Art of Football They think it's all over


The majority of football T-shirts I see these days are just generic, crudely screen printed images of Luis Suarez’s big ugly grin, or something along those lines.

They are churned out in their thousands into a market that already has thousands like it.

At Art of Football we have a very different philosophy.


Art of Football: unique and exclusive designs
Art of Football: Unique and exclusive designs


Each design has been thoughtfully made primarily as a piece of art, this way we can do our best to do justice to those moments that fans cherish so highly.

We look to capture all the raw emotion and energy that you felt during those seconds of celebration and, most importantly, we look to do it in style.


Art of Football: Dogs of War print
Art of Football: Dogs of War print

 ‘This tough Toffees side, dubbed the ‘Dogs of War’, were given little hope against United in the 1995 FA cup final. But a towering first-half header gave them the lead and they fought bravely to protect it, holding out to secure their first trophy for eight years and leaving a star-studded United bruised and empty handed.’


For more details on Art of Football, their philosophy, brand, exclusive and completely original designs, products and prices – be sure to check out the Art of Football website as well as the Art of Football blog.

If you like what you see (of course you do!) be certain to join Art of Football on their dedicated Facebook page.

And of course, you can engage with the lads at Art of Football by following them on Twitter.


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In the meantime, Everton Viral will leave you with a further taster of the work of our latest Everton Creatives contributor:


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