Everton Board Out Statement

Back in July of this year, a group of Evertonians joined together and formed the group, EVERTON BOARD OUT!

Everton Board Out Statement

By @EvertonBoardOut

As blues who attend games week in, week out, home and away, domestic and abroad to support the players on the pitch representing our great club we have become disillusioned and downright disgusted at the ongoing mismanagement of our club from those in charge on a day to day basis.

Ever since our creation, we have stated quite openly and honestly that regardless of who the team play and win, and how many times they do this, we refuse to go away.

We refuse to remain silent.

Additionally, we said that the activity during the Summer transfer window would not change our opinion of the current board of directors of Everton Football Club. Who joined, who we didn’t sell – it didn’t matter. The Board remained the same and that is with whom our issues lie.

Roberto Martinez, his coaching and backroom staff and of course the players, deserve the highest of praise for the promising start we have made to the season. They rightly get it from all of us.

However, we cannot help but think what the current crop of players and their management could achieve if they were properly supported by the board during the transfer window, showing the drive and ambition to take our club to the next level.

As a group, and as many Evertonians are, we are extremely disappointed by the lack of investment in the playing staff during the summer. Despite the largest amount of money ever being pumped into the Premier League from TV revenue.

The manager openly stated throughout the summer that he needed a number 10 and a forward who could go straight into the first team. The Board once again failed to deliver not only what the manager wanted, but what he said he NEEDED to improve us.

Everton Board Out statement

When Bill Kenwright took control of the club in 1999, he admitted that he was not the man to take Everton forward.

Kenwright said that the club had been for sale since the day he took control. Therefore, we have been for sale for 16 long years, yet no buyer has been found.

Kenwright made a promise to Evertonians – he would find investment within that time. Again, they have failed to do so.

We believe the current board are not only incapable of addressing the major issues facing the club, they are also incapable of executing the sale of the club to an appropriate buyer.

In 2011, The Blue Union called for the appointment of an independent body to identify and oversee the sale of the club. The board rejected this proposal explaining that they were the best people to sell the club.

In 2015 it is still not known what the current situation is other than the club is still apparently for sale.

The asking price also remains unknown.

Four years ago, Bill Kenwright told The Blue Union that he did not have a plan for Everton. Fans often ask us what our plans are and why we don’t find the a buyer for the club. Unfortunately that is not our job, Robert Elstone is the one charged with, and paid handsomely to do that task.

We would like to ask Kenwright, Woods, Earl and Elstone, what is your plan to take Everton Football Club forward? What are your aims and targets for the future for our club?

In the same interview with the Blue Union, Kenwright stated “we should be so lucky” for him to remain Chairman in 5 years time. He said he didn’t want to be here, and even if he did his doctor wouldn’t allow it.

Concerns would be raised even more if Bill Kenwright walked away from Everton tomorrow.

What would happen to our club? Robert Earl would be next in line to take over as the second biggest major shareholder on the board. The same Robert Earl who has been to Goodison Park just once in his nine years at the club.

He is an avid Tottenham fan who does not care about Everton, and has no interest or plan in taking our club forward. His only priority is his business, Planet Hollywood.

The proposed Kings Dock stadium

Kenwright proudly paraded a poster of the Kings Dock project some years ago, asking supporters at an away game at Highfield Road (Coventry City), what do you think of this? This is our new stadium.

They failed on their side of the bargain and the greatest opportunity to progress in the history of this club passed us by.

Kenwright and Robert Elstone oversaw Destination Kirkby, a plan to move Everton outside of the City of Liverpool’s boundaries, to the dismay of some Evertonians.

A public enquiry was ordered by the Government and more lies and deceit were made public. The Board failed on their side of the bargain again.

The controversial relocation to Kirkby eventually failed


Five years ago, the club submitted plans for the Walton Lane development at Goodison Park (The Park End car park). This was prevented due to an objection from Prudential who provided a £30m securitisation loan and hold a charge over the stadium.

The current proposal is to relocate to a nearby park, Walton Hall Park, like the status of the clubs sale the position on this project remains unknown.

Meanwhile, the capacity at Goodison Park has DECREASED. It is now 39,572.

Everton’s board appear unable to address the issue of operating a 20th century stadium in a 21st century environment; having failed twice to relocate to a new stadium their third attempt is now following a well-worn path with equally well-worn excuses.

The common denominator to everything this Everton board attempt and fail with is a lack of finance. The conclusion is inescapable, this board’s position is untenable due to their inability to promote any semblance of a business plan for the future. An inability which condemns Everton to continued stagnation, and believe us that stench of stagnation hangs heavy around Goodison Park at the moment.

Goodison Park

As we approach the end of October, the stated deadline for an announcement by Joe Anderson regarding the future of Walton Hall Park, questions must be asked as to why Anderson is ‘not willing to make the people wait any longer for an update.’

Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur have started work on a new stadium. West Ham United are about to move into theirs. Swansea City, Stoke City, Southampton, Leicester City, and Sunderland have all moved into a new stadium.

Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Watford, Aston Villa and Newcastle United have all developed their stadium.

That is not to mention Chelsea practically rebuilding their ground, Manchester United adding an upper tier to 3 of the four sides of their ground, Arsenal moving into a state of the art stadium and Manchester City moving into their new stadium and then further expanding it.

All of the clubs mentioned have shown foresight and ambition to try and increase revenue streams and have delivered on their promises. An increase in their gate receipts and more corporate appeal.

Everton have approximately 12 executive boxes, easily the lowest in the Premier League. Yet this board has failed to capitalise on the ever increasing corporate nature of Premier League football.

Other football clubs are using increased revenues to satisfy their debts, invest in their squad, staff, commercial activity and stadia.

Walton Hall Park

Yet Everton’s debt is rising. In the latest accounts, the debt to creditors rose by £19 million.

It is abundantly clear that this board is not good enough for our club. No investment. A hat trick of failed ground moves to be confirmed shortly.

Failure to support the manager’s needs in the transfer market. Dwindling off field commercial activities. Deal after deal signed, and then renewed, which hinders the clubs revenue streams. This in addition to multiple lies, back tracking on comments and broken promises poses the question – which Evertonian would continue to trust a board of directors with this appalling legacy?

This club, the manager and the supporters deserve better.


The members of this group, along with every Evertonian, were raised as Evertonians living by the motto – NOTHING BUT THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH. We will continue to stand by this and will fight until we are getting the best again.

We are holding a public meeting on Saturday 17th October at Crofts Social Club (upstairs) at 1pm before the Manchester United game to discuss future plans of the group.

Please come and join us, give us your views, thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Thanks for your continued support

Everton Board Out

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Follow @EvertonBoardOUT on Twitter