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EFC Fabric: So the home kit has been revealed, HUZZAHH!!


EFC Fabric

The start of the season will soon be upon us and the release of the new kit just builds the anticipation to get the campaign kicked off!

I for one rather like the new kit. I like the darker navy colour and the new crest looks pretty great against it. But best of all, they have ladies sizes!! Yipeeee!!

You can now actually buy – well pre-order – an official Everton home shirt in ladies sizes, something that for the last few season has been impossible!!

My only quibble, and yes of course I have one, could they not have stretched up to an 18? The ladies sizes are from an 8 to a 16, which is great and will fit me, but with pretty much all high street stores selling clothes in sizes up to 18 and beyond, it would have been great if they could reach even more fans in offering shirts in an 18 as well.

But hey ladies, we actually have shirts specifically made for us! You can pre-order on the official Everton website.


#EFC Fabric


EFC Fabric: Umbro reveal new Everton kit

I really love the campaign they are running:

#EFCFabric is a wonderful concept and really brings everything back to the roots of what matters.

The particular slogan I adore: Once Everton has touched you, you’re part of the Fabric…

The kit is inspired by the one worn in 1924, the year Umbro was founded and the year we won the Barcelona cup in Spain. Let’s hope it brings us some similar silverware!

And who hasn’t seen the promo video starring the 11 Fabrics of Everton?! It’s fab!



Some of the quotes from John Stones and Roberto Martinez really show their passion for this great club.  John Stones hopes this kit can replicate some of the luck we have had while wearing Umbro in the past, I certainly hope so too!

I think because the crest was chosen by the supporters, it means so much more to the players and fans who wear it!

I’ve seen mainly positive comments on social media about the new shirt but I want to know what you think? Let me know by tweeting @TheToffeeLady94 !


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Until next time Blues…


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