Deulofeu: So Long Gerry!

As Gerard Deulofeu says his Everton farewells @TheToffeeLady94 looks back at the Barca wingers fleeting Blue career

So Long Gerry! It Was Magic
So Long Gerry! It Was Magic

Hello Blues!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have had all my deadlines for University work and other work commitments that I won’t bore you with!

Anywho, I’m back! And the topic for today involves a short lived love affair with a particular Spaniard!


Gerard Deulofeu has tweeted his thanks to the fans and the Club in an open letter published on his Twitter account:

Goodbye Blues
Goodbye Blues


In July of last year we signed Deulofeu on a season long loan. He scored on his debut against Stevenage. One of his most memorable goals was an 85th minute strike earning us a point away at Arsenal. Remember it? And who can forget his special celebration!!

He may have only made 25 appearances for us, but I think Deulofeu gave us an edge, he was young, quick and creative. Sometimes he was selfish with the ball but who can blame him for trying to impress and he is still learning after all!

I for one will miss him, I think under Martinez he could have been moulded into a fine young footballer – not that he isn’t already!

Martinez was already building him a pivotal role in the starting team but some more experience abroad will do him no harm and I don’t doubt he will be back on the Premier League’s turf again soon!!

Here are some of your thoughts on Gerry!


Deulofeu - Views from The Everton page on Facebook
Deulofeu – Views from The Everton page on Facebook


Agreed Dan, he did just run and run, in the face of defenders he carried on, like you say – he was fearless!! Know what you mean Harry, he was a bit up and down but I guess it can be put down to his age, Barkley can be the same.



Matt, I couldn’t agree more! In a few years, he’ll burst onto the scene and will be wanted by so many top clubs! He did have a good sense of humour, I’d forgotten about that incident Josh! Agreed that his goal against Arsenal was a biggun for our Gerry!



Definitely Patrick, he does need to learn to pass more, I think we’re all agreed on that!! Thanks Eddie for your comment, he does sound like a hit with the younger generation! Charismatic and cheeky!!


I think we will miss him but I have no doubt that Martinez will bring in other players to fill that void.

We are all agreed that he could be very selfish with the ball but I do think he just wanted to show off his skill and impress!

His goal against Arsenal was superb and carried on our unbeaten run. I appreciate him writing the farewell letter, goes to show what an impact us Evertonians can have on a player!!

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Until next time Blues…

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