How David Prentice Can Fulfil His Dream Of Supporting And Writing About A Big Club

I’m finding Mr Prentice’s column about Romeleu Lukaku and his desire to ‘want to grow as a player and eventually arrive at a top club again,’ all rather bizarre.

As for his defence of Everton’s status as a top club, it’s  laughable…

How David Prentice Can Fulfil His Dream Of Supporting And Writing About A Big Club

How David Prentice Can Fulfil His Dream Of Supporting And Writing About A Big Club

By @davidokeefe

Romeleu Lukaku is 21 and he knows very little about the clubs past as he is a Belgian and Everton’s status is rather diminished by recent history.

Prentice states correctly that Everton have won more than Chelsea, but he defeats himself by admitting that it is ancient history and then proceeds to shoot himself in the foot:

“And if that’s so much ancient history – Lukaku wasn’t even a twinkle in his father’s eye the last time Everton were champions – Everton’s recent Premier League record is consistently solid: fifth, sixth, seventh, seventh, eighth, fifth, fifth, sixth, 11th and fourth in the last decade.”

Oh dear, he’s made his opponents point for him.

Chelsea have won more than Everton in the past 20 years. That is recent history that is why Rom considers them a big club. They also recently won the European Cup.

Lukaku is 21 so I can understand his point about Chelsea being bigger and why the ancient history defence makes no sense to him.

No-one gets a medal for being consistently solid. No self-respecting ambitious player wants consistently solid league finishes. They want medals.

Every club has history, but it can’t be used as a shield to deflect from the current reality; Everton haven’t won a trophy in 20 years.

The future is all that matters to footballers and fans. Once you’re using the history defence it’s a tacit admission that you have no future.

So why does the club have no future? Why has it fallen so far in comparison to its rivals. Why are mid-table-consistently-solid-league-finishes acceptable to Prentice?

It is all rather bizarre. Slating Lukaku’s desires and aspirations while highlighting the clubs lack of ambition.

I can perhaps understand it to a point. Many of Prentice’s Echo colleagues have gone to work for the national press.

Unlike him….they have ambition.

Seen in this light, his defence of Bill Kenwright as being the best owner, for being a fan, seems appropriate.

They both lack ambition and live off past glories, as does the club itself. And both pass off consistently solid league finishes as success.

Forgetting that no-one gets a medal for fourth. Or eleventh.

As for claims of disrespect from Lukaku…I find none.

However, from Prentice I find this from 2011:

“There’s something brewing in the air at Goodison. Message boards, letters pages and radio phone-ins will always attract the disaffected, the cynical and occasionally the downright lunatic. But there’s a growing sense now that the rank and file are also becoming disillusioned at Goodison.”

To think that he is demanding an apology from Romelu Lukaku.

I’m not offended by Lukaku’s remarks, I was offended by Prentice’s.

Aimed as they were at all Evertonians. Its been four years now, how about a public apology?

As for fulfilling dreams of supporting and writing about Everton winning trophy’s again, this would require Prentice becoming a journalist again.

Not an apologist for the worst Everton chairman and board that have collectively overseen a period when a nothing club like Chelsea have overtaken us.

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