Carry On Kenwright!

“What a manager!”

“He’s the most wonderful guy you will ever meet.”

By @davidokeefe

Bill Kenwright. The sole reason why Roberto Martinez has not been sacked.

How is this still the case despite there being a large minority shareholder in the form of Farhad Moshiri owning 49.9% of the club?

The Moshiri share purchase has been an excellent deal for Bill Kenwright and Jon Woods, earning them approximately £20 million each. They’re fucking rich.

He’s also still the chairman of a new board containing Robert Elstone. It’s probably the only time they have negotiated a good deal. Albeit for themselves.

Mr Moshiri’s long negotiations with Bill Kenwright included a sale price and extras such as Bill remaining the chairman and a sinecure for Robert Elstone.

The Bill doesn’t want to let go of the train set theorists during the past ten years have had more grist for their mill over the position of Roberto Martinez. He’s only in the job thanks to the support of Bill Kenwright!

This despite Jon Woods walking out of Anfield in disgust last Wednesday.

We haven’t seen any investment from Farhad Moshiri yet, only Bill Kenwright being cock of the walk with rumours of health problems being just that. He was even well enough to assault a fan holding a phone after a conversation with supporters lasting seconds about Roberto Martinez.

Farhad Moshiri is currently Jerry Sinclair to Bill Kenwrights Brian Potter. He’s been told he’s in charge but Bill is still making the decisions.

In other news Joe Anderson confirmed today that he still hadn’t seen any plans from the club for Walton Hall Park.


Carry on Kenwright. Are you sure?


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