Absolute Disgrace

How do you respond to 40 reasonable questions from the owners of the business that not only employ you, but reward you with a six figure salary?

If your Robert Elstone, first say your disappointed, and then call them disgraceful.

Absolute Disgrace

Absolute Disgrace

By @davidokeefe

As for those apologists for Elstone, calling the Everton Shareholders association “militants” you have lost the plot and are in true partnership with a preening charlatan.

Forty questions from the owners of the business were not just ignored, but dismissed out of hand by those with a duty to answer them.

Accountability and transparency have never been Everton’s strong point but yesterday was a new low with Elstone insulting the shareholders.

The big issue amongst so many was inevitably Walton Hall Park and there it became rather awkward to hear Robert Elstone use the word “ring fenced.”

The amount that is ring fenced is a rather paltry £2.5 million. If only someone could have stopped him as we’ve heard it all before, alas he continued.

Now with only £2.5 million ring fenced for Walton Hall Park he starts to get his excuses in first.

Elstone on the partnership approach: “Let’s be clear this is not about Everton asking anyone for money.

“We have offered a solution which will offer cash, and social development (to the council).

“The onus cannot just be on the club – we have to do it in partnership.”

Elstone then confirms, in response to the first shareholder’s question:

“A new stadium is a challenging prospect until we get in a real true partnership with Liverpool Council it will be hard to do.”

Interesting words, not just partnership, but “true partnership.”

This is Elstone covering his own backside, and putting the responsibility for the failure of the Walton Hall Project on Liverpool City Council.

Joe Anderson was not impressed.

True partnership is asking Liverpool City Council to donate the £150 million required to build the stadium at a time of severe government funding cuts.

Asking the Council, and its hard pressed rate payers to assist a business with a turnover soon to surpass £100 million. Well, Mr Elstone, that is disappointing and disgraceful.

No answers, no money, no accountability and the only prospect on offer was to blame the council for the inevitable failure of the Walton Hall Park project.

It may have been easy to blame the council for the failure of the Kings Dock, when they pulled the plug after Everton failed to come up with the funds as that was at a time of plenty.

In austere times not even the board’s supporters could blame a council making redundancies, service cuts and closures, for not funding a Premier League football stadium!

As it is, the council and the club are now playing chess with each other, before the Mayor inevitably pulls the plug on the project in the new year.

True partnership in action.


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